Trump and Rubio Gave Us Gang of Eight and the “Open Borders” Illegal Amnesty Bill

Gang of Eight Immigration RubioDonald Trump’s donations to members of Congress gave the country the Gang of Eight immigration bill that Trump now criticizes Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for being part of, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said during Thursday’s GOP presidential debate.

“If you look at the eight members of the gang of eight, Donald gave over $50,000 to three Democrats and two Republicans,” Cruz said. “And when you’re funding open border politicians, you shouldn’t be surprised when they fight for open borders.”

Cruz said he has a record of secure borders and fighting amnesty long before he ran for president.

“I can tell you, when I ran for Senate here in the state of Texas, I ran promising to lead the fight against amnesty, promising to fight to build a wall,” he said, “and in 2013, when I was leading the fight against the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, where was Donald? He was firing Dennis Rodman on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.'”

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