Trump bans transgenders from serving in the military

Finally, Trump did SOMETHING conservative even if it was for the wrong reasons.

The National Review explains is well:

As time goes by, it’s increasingly clear that there’s something limiting and false about the “just call balls and strikes” approach to analyzing the Trump presidency. Yes, you can praise Trump when he does right and critique him when he does wrong, but at some level that small-ball approach to evaluating Trump simply fails. He does good things, and he does bad things, but he does all things against a backdrop of impulsiveness, chaos, and divisiveness that undermines sound polices even as it does immense damage to the body politic.

Take, for example, the first version of his so-called travel ban. While I agreed with the fundamental policy goals — a slight moderation on refugee admissions, general re-evaluation of security-screening procedures, and a pause on entries from specific jihadist nations — the actual implementation was so chaotic and incompetent that it not only triggered national hysteria, it undermined public support for even relatively modest immigration reforms. Trump’s administration dropped a poorly written, poorly supported policy into the public square, interpreted it as cruelly and maliciously as possible, and has been on the defensive ever since.

It does appear that Trump is attempting to diffuse the Russia investigation that is increasingly consuming his agenda.

After a week sparring with his attorney general and steaming over the Russia investigation consuming his agenda, President Donald Trump was closing in on an important win.

House Republicans were planning to pass a spending bill stacked with his campaign promises, including money to build his border wall with Mexico.

But an internal House Republican fight over transgender troops was threatening to blow up the bill. And House GOP insiders feared they might not have the votes to pass the legislation because defense hawks wanted a ban on Pentagon-funded sex reassignment operations — something GOP leaders wouldn’t give them.

They turned to Trump, who didn’t hesitate. In the flash of a tweet, he announced that transgender troops would be banned altogether.

Trump’s sudden decision was, in part, a last-ditch attempt to save a House proposal full of his campaign promises that was on the verge of defeat, numerous congressional and White House sources said.

Trump is barring a few thousand transgenders from serving in the military but we still have same-sex gay “marriage”, adoption of children by homosexual perverts, and even a transgender bathroom in the White House that Obama established and Trump kept.

Another issue that cannot be over-looked is that because of Trump, now half of all Republicans believe in same-sex gay “marriage” and has made homosexual perversion even more acceptable than Obama did.

For the first time, the GOP is evenly split when it comes to support for same-sex marriage.

According to a recently released Pew Research Center report, 47 percent of Republicans now support gay marriage, while 48 percent do not. This is a significant shift from 2013, when nearly two thirds of Republicans opposed it. While the exact reasons are unclear, the American news and entertainment media have long and aggressively promoted same-sex unions.

“Slowly but surely,” Vox senior reporter German Lopez cheered, “Republicans are coming around.”

It’s not only Republicans, though. The widely reported Pew study, published June 26, revealed a liberalization of views across the board. Americans of nearly every ethnicity, age and party identification have warmed to same-sex unions since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage two years ago today.

Since that Obergefell ruling, support for gay marriage has jumped 12 percentage points in the black community. In the past year, it has risen 10 percentage points among Baby Boomers. In both demographic groups, support is at an all-time high.

Although the majority of white evangelicals (59 percent) remain opposed to gay marriage, support is rising among Millennials and Gen Xers in this faith community.

And don’t forget that on October 30, at a rally in Colorado, Donald Trump proudly held up a rainbow-colored, gay flag on which was written “LGBT’s for Trump.”

I’ll take a victory for conservatives that could save taxpayers up to $8.4 million annually, but Trump still has a lot of issues that are much more dangerous and important like Trump re-certifying the insane Iran nuclear deal, blaming Israel for Muslim jihad terrorism against Jews in Israel, and six months of anti-Israel policies that were no different than Obama.

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