Trump ‘doesn’t know what he’s talking about’ – has no understanding of policy

donald-trumpTexas Sen. Ted Cruz belittled Donald Trump for having no understanding of policy, and cited Trump’s debate performances as evidence.

“Donald has a real problem: He doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Cruz said in Wisconsin. “As the field has gotten smaller, Donald’s done worse and worse and worse because he gets a little more time. When he runs beyond 30 seconds, you can kind of see his eyes open up a little bit. He’s like, ‘Ugh ugh I don’t know anymore on this.’ I mean look, this is a man who when he was asked what would you do on healthcare, he said, ‘The lines around the states, the lines around the states.’ What are you talking about? ‘I don’t know, they told me to say the lines around the states.'”

Cruz then attacked Trump’s message that he will win at everything and make America great.

“He’s just going to be great, he’s just going to be great. I’m going to wave a magic wand and it’s going to be great,” Cruz said. “Well, I’m sorry Donald, we don’t live in Wonderland.”

The Texas senator made the remarks at a town hall in Oshkosh, which is approximately 50 miles south of Green Bay. His pitch to voters about why he was a better choice than Trump appeared aimed at the blue-collar voters he has targeted in recent ads created by his campaign.

“If your car is broken down, do you want to bring a guy over to stand in the driveway and yell and scream and curse at your car, or do you actually want someone to lift the hood and fix the darn thing?” Cruz asked.

Cruz will campaign in Green Bay later on Friday.

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