Trump has meeting with Mahmoud Abbas; Says “peace is possible” with terrorists and “time has come to make a deal”

Abbas praises Trump after their meeting saying “Trump is committed to the two-state solution.”

Donald Trump has a 20 minute meeting with PLO/Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas and claims peace with mass-murdering terrorists who praise Hitler and Arafat is possible with the Jews in Israel.

Trump said “the time has come to make a deal.” That “deal” screws Israel and sets up even more mass-murder of innocent Jews.

And while that’s happening, our ambassador to the U.N. said she was “committed” to a two-state final solution where the Jews and Arab Muslim terrorists would live together in “peace”. And for those who claim Trump would abandon the whole “two-state solution”, she clarified that they did so only in “error.”

From the Independent:

US President Donald Trump’s extended invitation to [PLO leader] Mahmoud Abbas to discuss bringing peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not affect the Israeli right wing’s “long-term desire” of “pushing the Palestinian population out of the West Bank,” an American academic and anti-war activist has said.

Mr Trump and Mr Abbas also conducted a 20-minute long phone conversation on Friday which the White House described showed that “peace is possible” and “the time has come to make a deal.”

The conversation marked the first time the US President – who has declared himself a staunch supporter of Israel – has dealt directly with Palestinian officials, although CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with Palestinian Authority figures in Ramallah last month.

The US’ Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, later said the US remained committed to a two-state solution and anyone who believed Washington was abandoning the policy did so in “error”.

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  • Two state solution is nothing more than a retreat for Israel.

    Don’t they realize that the falestinians want the whole country?

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