Trump just announced he wants to work with liberal Democrats ‘for the good of the country’

You know why he’s tweeting this right? Because Trump, after all his conversations and negotiations with Republicans, knows very well that most of them in the House and Senate will not pass a massive trillion dollar spending bill because IT’S A REALLY BAD IDEA.

In order to get this really bad idea through Congress, he’s going to need lots and lots of Democrats to help him along with a few big spending RINOs.

So now it’s time to play nice with Democrats because they are his only hope.


Just like Trump’s ideas on trade, I’ve never agreed with a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. It was a bad idea when Obama passed it and it’s a bad idea now.

And it isn’t about the good of the country as he suggested in his tweet – because it’s NOT good for the country. No it’s really about a bad campaign promise, his ego and getting re-elected in 2020.

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