Trump just tweeted out why he’s dumping Republicans

Trump took to Twitter a few moments ago to tell Republicans why he’s dumping them for Democrats:

So basically he’s blaming it on their failure with Obamacare and the fact that they can’t overcome the filibuster.

While I agree those are problems, I don’t think this is necessarily tough love from Trump here as some on the right would like to suggest. I think Trump is being opportunistic.

He’s failed as a leader when it comes to bringing Republicans together up to this point so now he’s doing what any bad leader does, he turns to the enemy for help. It’s the same thing Boehner did when he led the House, especially when he had unpopular legislation. He turned to the Democrats to get something passed. Trump is now doing the same thing.

A few minutes he tweeted this to Republicans:


That’s really what he’s saying. He wants those good headlines and he’ll turn to Democrats, if he must, to get them.

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