Trump Tantrum: If Tillerson Called Me a Moron, We Can Compare IQ Tests and ‘I Can Tell You Who Is Going to Win’

Is the president supposed to act like an egotistical child throwing a temper tantrum? This is just sad. Trump put Tillerson in power.

Trump was asked about Tillerson referring to him as a moron in an interview with Forbes and this was his response:

CNN – President Donald Trump, scorned by reports that Rex Tillerson called him a “moron” earlier this year, told Forbes in an interview released Tuesday that he has a higher IQ than his secretary of state.

The comment underscores the volatility between the two men after multiple reports that their relationship has frayed over the secretary of state’s comment. Trump and Tillerson, along with Secretary of Defense James Mattis, will have lunch together at the White House on Tuesday afternoon.

“I think it’s fake news, but if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests,” Trump said. “And I can tell you who is going to win.”

Trump was aware before the report earlier this month that Tillerson had referred to him as a “moron” at the Pentagon this summer, a source familiar with the conversation told CNN, but it’s unclear whether Trump discussed the remark with Tillerson. Trump was not present at the Pentagon meeting where the comment was made.

Trump and his administration have looked to discredit the initial NBC report, despite the fact that other outlets have since confirmed Tillerson made the comment.

LOL! Trump always has to defend himself by asserting how much more “awesome” he is.

… I think this ‘moron’ insult will continue to eat at Trump until he finally gets rid of Tillerson. In my opinion his days are now numbered.


  • Vietnam draft dodging coward Daffy DRumpf, only little whiny people like you buy their IQ , so it would not prove a thing except you having a forth grade IQ once again paid for your IQ test results like you bought spurs on both heels to stay out of the Military when your Country called for you.
    Trump you are discussing a total disgrace .

  • TRump bought the election he did not win fair and trump is a louse he never has did anything fair and honest .
    I recall Trump boasting of being involved in politics for the past forty years making deals and giving bribes to government leaders[ all done behind we the peoples back] So how many government offices did trump buy these past forty years because bribing the leaders was to buy the office they sit .
    Trumps boasted that he would be best jobs creator and learn real fast to be President Trump sees everything as a game to win .
    First of all the President does NOT create jobs he gets out of the way of states and allows them to have jobs and … THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT IS NOT AN OJT POSTION .

  • LOL Trump’s IQ must be somewhat around 60, a retarded turd. That’s why his team is so pro-PissraHell.

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