TRUMP TWEETS that Mexico WILL pay for the border wall… Again

El Presidente Trumpo just now took to Twitter to reassure his followers that Mexico will indeed pay for the wall.

But, as many have noted, the American people are already paying for it through their taxes, and all of the schemes to force Mexico to pay for it just haven’t solidified.

Meanwhile, polls show the border wall isn’t that popular – a Rasmussen poll showed that only 37% support it. That sounds suspiciously similar to the stalwart base that is sticking with Trump. Of course, we all know polls are meaningless and useless, so forget that.

A lot of questions remain – will Americans still support the wall when the government starts seizing acres of land from people through eminent domain to fulfill it? Is the cost really worth it? Will it be efficient and effective or is it just a vanity project for the Donald?

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  • Especially those who live near the bordor don’t want their land seized for this which is quite telling. They are the ones who have to deal with the issue more then anyone.

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