Trump’s State Department Blames Israel For Arab Muslim Terrorists’ Mass-Murder of Jews

“Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank, settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, the perception that the Israeli government was changing the status quo on the Haram Al Sharif/Temple Mount, and IDF tactics that the Palestinians considered overly aggressive,” are to blame for Palestinian terrorism, according to the State Department’s annual report on terrorism trends.

There is no such thing as “Palestine” or a “Palestinian”. It is a lie and a propaganda war intended to destroy Israel the Jewish people. Click here for more information.

The words of the report could be ripped straight out of a textbook assigned by the Middle East studies department at Berkeley. In short, it’s absurd on its face.

Shockingly, the report moves beyond speculation and enters the realm of untruth. Case in point: the State Department seems to believe that Palestinian leaders are condemning violence carried out against Jews.

“Explicit calls for violence against Israelis, direct exhortations against Jews, and categorical denials by the PA of the possibility of peace with Israel are rare and the leadership does not generally tolerate it,” reads the report.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As The Daily Wire reported, the Palestinian leadership routinely incites terrorist violence against Jews. In fact, a culture of hate is deeply embedded into the fabric of Palestinian society.

From eulogizing terrorists in their official newspapers to handing out sweets and candy to children in celebration of Jew-killing terrorist attacks, the Palestinian Authority has celebrated, promoted, and directly incited acts of terrorism against innocent Israelis in embrace of Islamic honor culture. In honor culture, any perceived slight or humiliation must be answered with violence and blood; dying as a martyr is an incomparable act of heroism, one that elicits praise and sanctification.

Read the State Department’s “Country Reports on Terrorism” below:

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