Trump’s White House Reaction to Israel New Housing in Judea & Samaria: “We’ll Continue to Discuss That”

Where is the support Israel was promised during Trump’s election?

Journalists in the United States pounced on the issue during Tuesday morning’s White House news briefing, asking the press secretary what the president’s response was to the announcement.

“Israel continues to be a huge ally of the United States,” Secretary Spicer replied. “He wants to grow closer with Israel and make sure that it gets the full respect that it deserves in the Middle East and what he’s going to do as I mentioned yesterday… We’re going to have a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu and we’ll continue to discuss that.”

A reporter persisted: “Do you support the expansion of settlements?”

And the press secretary closed down the discussion: “Like I said, we’ll have a conversation with the prime minister. Thank you.”

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