Two Jews Murdered, Eight Wounded in Tel Aviv Arab Terrorist Attack

Dizengoff-AttackTel Aviv attacker is Israeli Arab from Wadi Ara.

Two Jews were murdered and eight wounded in a Friday shooting incident near a pub at 124 Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. Among the injured, four are in serious condition and three medium. Hundreds of police have been sent to the area, including special forces, the Shabak and SWAT, and are conducting a manhunt after the shooter who fled the scene in north Tel Aviv. Police Commissioner General Ronnie Alshiech is on the scene. The wounded were evacuated to Ichilov Hospital, Tel Hashomer, Wolfson and Beilinson.

The Arab Muslim terrorist fired his submachine gun at the pub and from there continued running toward a nearby restaurant, where he replaced his cartridges. According to various reports, the shooter was holed up at the corner of Reines and Remez Streets.

The Arab murderer is an Israeli citizen who receives a full range of benefits from Israeli Jewish taxpayers. He was laughing sadistically as he slaughtered his victims.


  • I don’t blame these filthy terrorist as much as I blame Netanyahu, I mean let’s face it the Arabs are our enemies, they are not ashamed in expressing there hatered towards us and their whole agenda is to drown us in the sea, with that being said what do we do??? Give them citizenships and lands, and invite them into the “negotiating table” and let’s not forget making them Knesset members.what we need is a leader who will throw them out of our land and push them into “Jordan”

  • i think that you are right in some things mister shalom we really strong leaders and strong government whose will can throw our enemies of israel out in their lands namely cause they all want our land

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