U.S. Ambassador to Israel: Attacks Israel and Blames Terrorism on Jews

Dan Shapiro

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro attacks Jews by making up lies: “too much Israeli [Jewish] vigilantism in the West Bank goes on unchecked.”

Dan Shapiro sounds just like Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry. How is it that the U.S. has an anti-Israel ambassador who just makes up lies about the Jewish people? It’s beyond sick and disgusting.

There is no such thing as “Palestine” or a “Palestinian”. It is a lie and a propaganda war intended to destroy Israel the Jewish people. Click here for more information.

Not only does he accuse Jews of so-called “terrorism”, but he points to the Jewish dissidents that were falsely accused on trumped up Duma charges and violently tortured by Israel’s own Shabak.

How’s that for “democracy”? And Shapiro wants more of this. Unbelievable.

Here’s the article:

The Prime Minister’s Office dismissed as “unacceptable and wrong” uncharacteristically sharp public criticism of Israel’s legal standards leveled Monday by US envoy Dan Shapiro, who said at times there seemed to be one standard of law in the West Bank for Israelis, and another for Palestinians.

“As Israel’s devoted friend [yeah sure], and its most stalwart partner, we believe that Israel must develop stronger and more credible responses to questions about the rule of law in the West Bank,” Shapiro said during an address at the annual Institute for Strategic Studies (INSS) Conference in Tel Aviv.

Noting that the recent indictments in the Duma murders “are an important demonstration of Israel’s commitment to prosecute acts of terrorism, regardless of their source,” Shapiro added, however, that “too many attacks on Palestinians lack a vigorous investigation or response by Israeli authorities.”

“Too much vigilantism goes unchecked, and at times there seems to be two standards of adherence to the rule of law, one for Israelis, and another for Palestinians,” he asserted.

Let’s talk about that. Arabs get free food, water, electricity, medicine, housing, education, and tax breaks in Israel while Jews receive nothing for free. Arab Muslim terrorist groups like Abbas’ Fatah (which translated means “conquest”) are seen as “peace partners” while praising jihad terrorist “martyrs” and naming major roads after them.

But this putz wants to claim Jews are just running around attacking Arabs when it’s the other way around. He wants to blame the victims.

Terrorist attacks are made by Arabs every day in Israel against Jews and then, while the terrorists are in the middle of stabbing, running over, or shooting Jews, the terrorists are shot and die. And this piece of work, along with the Jew-hating EU, Swedish government, and United Nations, claim Israel is just running around executing poor Arabs. The nerve!

The Prime Minister’s Office quickly issued a sharp response, saying that these words — coming on a day when Israel buried a mother of six killed in a terrorist attack, and as a pregnant woman was stabbed — “were unacceptable and wrong.”

“Israel enforces the law against Israelis and Palestinians,” the statement said.  “The Palestinian Authority, which continues to incite and refuses to negotiate, is responsible for the freeze in negotiations.”

If Shapiro wants to support the poor so-called “Palestinians”, then he should just move there and live with them.

And then he blames terrorism on the Jews. Of course.

This traitor should just go join his nearest BDS group:

Shapiro … said that the US was “concerned and perplexed by Israel’s strategy on settlements.”

“This government, and previous Israeli governments, have repeatedly expressed its support for a negotiated two state solution,” he said, saying such a solution would involve “mutual recognition, separation and security arrangements.”

Yet, he continued, “separation will become more and more difficult if Israel plans to continue to expand the footprint of settlements.”

He said that despite earlier pledges made to the US, settlement outposts are being legalized, and there is “routine administrative demolitions of Palestinian structures.”

Shapiro said the question the US was posing was a simple one: “What is Israel’s strategy.”

Because Shapiro wants Israel to give up more land to a bunch of violent, cruel Muslim Nazi terrorists. He literally wants to destroy Israel. Why would any sane people want to give up the holy land of Israel to a bunch of Islamic terrorists who want mass murder? What sense does that make?

Oh and then it gets worse. The Jews get butchered on a daily basis by the Arab Muslims, and this jerk claims it’s Jews being violent just by living in their homes.

Stressing that settlements “can never be an excuse for violence, never,” the ambassador said that “continued settlement growth raises honest questions about Israel’s long term intentions.”

“Hovering over all these questions is the larger one about Israel’s political strategy vis-a-vis its conflict with the Palestinians,” he said.

“What is Israel’s plan for resolving the conflict, for remaining a Jewish and democratic state? And if it judges a political solution to be out of reach for for the time being, then what is its plan for managing and stabilizing the conflict in the short and medium term?”

Do you see ANY responsibility at all put on the Arabs for mass murdering Jews? Or does this self-hating judenrat Shapiro lay the blame on people living in their own homes in Israel? What is Israel’s plan to solve the terror? How about dispose of the terrorists!

And Shapiro is just so supportive of “democracy” after claiming that Israel didn’t go far enough after capturing and torturing a bunch of Jews so they could get a fake “confession” about Duma – so they could claim there were “Jewish terrorists”.

Unbelievable and disgusting. How can the Jewish people stand for this?

Then Shapiro admits that the Arabs praise their mass murdering butchers and egg them on to slaughter more Jews. Shapiro claims to ask the Arabs “tough questions”. Oh boy… not the “tough questions” again!

Shapiro said that the US was also asking “tough questions” of the Palestinians and Israel’s Arab neighbors.

These questions, he said, had to do with “murderous incitement,” withholding recognition of Israel, threats by the Palestinian Authority to end security cooperation, support for terrorist groups, and “misuse of the UN system.”

“How do these tendencies serve their own people, or build confidence among Israelis that there is a partner, or help achieve their aspirations for independence and a two state solution?” he asked.

Peace partner? You can’t have peace with a people who openly call for your genocide, adhere to a religion that calls for war and terrorism, hold an official “constitution” that calls for pushing all the Jews into the sea, and then mass murder Jewish men, women, children, pregnant women, and elderly. What kind of “peace partner” is that? Are they serious or just serious about destroying the Jewish people and Israel? Would he have thought the Nazis would have made great “peace partners” too?

And Shapiro knows he is wrong. Look at his defense at the end:

Shapiro said he raised three questions to “rebut any claim that we are one sided in putting tough questions only before Israel.”

Dan Shapiro is no true ambassador to Israel. He should be banned from ever setting foot in the Jewish state… unless, of course, he wants to try living with the Arabs. We support that.

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