Unbelievable: Terror Group Al-Qaeda Bought Into Global Warming Junk Science Myth

osama_bin_ladenIn a 2010 audiotape Osama bin Laden blamed the United States for global warming and urged his supporters to boycott US goods.

Now this…

Newly discovered documents and letters reveal Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda bought into the Global Warming junk science myth.

The Express reported:

EVIL terror group al-Qaeda once discussed strategies to combat CLIMATE CHANGE, a newly-emerged series of documents and letters has revealed.

The trove of articles – which consist of correspondence between former leader Osama bin Laden and other senior jihadists – paints a picture of the terror network in the months leading up to Bin Laden’s demise.

However, they also provide insight into some perhaps surprising agendas – including the organisation’s concern over much-debated climate change.

In one particular exchange, a member of the group expressed worry over drought and flooding in areas of the Middle East, adding that their “brothers” must be warned.

The letter, published by Foreign Affairs magazine, read: “You don’t fail to notice that due to climate change, there’s drought in some areas and floods in others.

“The brothers in Somalia must be warned so that they can take the maximum precautions possible.

“This lays on the shoulders of the leadership more than on the residents living along the rivers and valleys.

“One of these precautions is to establish an alert system to warn the families and establish an advanced observation point on the upper part of the river to warn people when heavy rainfall and flooding occur using a wireless device.”

The exchange then signed off with a note at the bottom reading: “Attached is a report about climate change, especially the floods in Pakistan. Please send it to Al-Jazeera.”

It is not clear who exactly wrote the passage, or who it was sent to.


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