Unbelievable: Trump says he’s going to call Muslim Turkey’s anti-Israel Dictator Erdogan about bringing “peace” to Middle East

This is the same anti-Israel Islamist dictator Erdogan who says he is working to halt the ‘Judaization’ of Jerusalem and arrested and jailed an innocent U.S. consulate employee.

Trump tweeted out this morning that he’s going to call Turkey’s Erdogan about bringing peace in the Middle East:

This is the man who helped create ISIS and is trying to revive the Ottoman Empire that Western powers finally crushed in 1923.

This is the man who has arrested many journalists and shut down every critical media outlet in Turkey in order to take control of the country, which he did earlier this year when the people barely voted to rewrite the Constitution and make him Sultan.

This is the man who has now undone Ataturk’s legacy of creating a secular Turkey but gutting the army which was there to prevent Turkey from turning Islamic. It is now very Islamic.

And this is the man Trump is calling to bring peace to the Middle East? Ugh.

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