Visiting the Western Wall does not make you pro-Israel (Photos)

Whoopty-do, Trump visited the Western Wall. It’s all over the news. Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton also visited the wall. It’s what all the big time politicians do. It doesn’t make them “pro-Israel.”

We decided to share some of the others that visited the Western Wall as a comparison.

Barack Hussein Obama visited the wall. He certainly wasn’t pro-Israel even if the left claimed that Israel had “no closer friend”. Of course, even the New York Nazi times admits Trumps positions on Israel are identical to Obama’s.

Hillary Clinton defended Hamas on national television. She also visited the wall.

Bill Clinton also visited the wall. He and Hillary also visited the mass-murdered Arafat.

Pro-Israel, right?

Rex Tillerson and Jared Kushner were at the wall right after Rex Tillerson refused to say that the wall was in Israel, and Jared Kushner helped Trump with the largest arms deal in world history ($150 billion dollars) with Saudi Arabia (Israel’s enemy) this week.

The Russian president and murderer Vladimir Putin visited the wall. Maybe he could have gone to Israel with his buddy Trump at the same time.

Communist Pope Francis visited the wall. He also called Fatah terrorist and mass-murderer Abbas and “angel of peace” and declared that not inviting Muslim migrants from enemy nations into your country was a “sin.”

Racist and anti-Semite Jesse Jackson who claimed that New York was “Hymie town” visited the wall. Is he “pro-Israel” now?

RINO phony Chris Christie visited the wall. It kind of looks like he’s trying to push the wall down. They even had to slant the picture I guess. At least he didn’t eat the wall.

Oh look, Mitt Romney visited the wall. And so did…

Joe Liberman and John McCain!

Bill de Blasio, the pro-Muslim and pro-gay activist mayor of New York also visited the wall.

Even Justin Bieber visted the wall after claiming that Anne Frank would have been a “belieber.”

Even this butch lesbian anti-Semite from Pink visited the wall with a sign claiming that Jews are occupying “Palestine.” Does the wall visit automatically make her pro-Israel?

Of course, Ivanka Trump is supposedly an Orthodox Jewish fake convert who broke Sabbath to fly so she could be at the wall after helping out with the Saudi Arabia arms deal where Osama bin Laden came from.

And Melania Trump, the first first-lady who used to model lesbian porn and looks lined up just perfectly for her photo shoot, refused to hold Trump’s hand in Jerusalem. In fact, she slapped his hand away. Good times.

Just because they visit the wall, doesn’t make them pro-Israel… especially when Trump is pushing a “two-state solution” on Israel with Muslim terrorists.



  • It’s interesting how Western leaders don the yarmulke and pray to Jehovah at the Western Wall.

    They cannot be Christian because Jesus said the father of the Jewish people (Jehovah) is not God. (John 8:44).

    Western leaders blithely violate their own religion. Which shows they have no religion.

    It’s unthinkable for a Jewish leader to don a cross and visit a cathedral. Just as it’s unthinkable for an Orthodox Christian to don a yarmulke and pray at the wall. That’s because they actually have a religion.

    • There’s only one God, and his name is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    • We really should not quote out of context, and attach falsehoods to ignorance. Read the entire John 8.
      Jesus was speaking about a group of Pharisees who wanted to kill him. Jesus was not condemning however, the Judean (Black), nor Hebrew (Israel) tribes. Applying this to zionist converts from treacherous European wars, is beyond stupid, but our false leaders do capitalize on anything that they can use against us.

  • The 45th President of the United States Donald John Trump is by far the only President who recognized history, and as well as Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. God Bless Israel !

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