Western Europe Shutting Doors to Muslim “Refugees”, Putting Up Razor-Wire Fences

syrian_refugees_sneaking_borderAs doors slam shut in Western Europe and razor-wire fences go up in the east, the massive wave of Middle Eastern refugees is backing up in the Balkans, where overwhelmed nations lack the will or resources to offer a long-term solution.

The ultimate destination for many of the refugees from Syria, Iraq, Libya and other war-torn nations is Germany, both for its rich benefits and its initial pledge to take in more than any other European Union nation. But when Germany announced that it was rescinding its offer and Hungary made itself a de facto firewall to Western Europe, tens of thousands of refugees already in transit were stranded in camps in Balkan nations including Croatia, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.

“The Balkans should not become a parking lot or no man’s land of blocked refugees,” said Johannes Hahn, a European Union commissioner from Austria.

“The Balkans should not become a parking lot or no man’s land of blocked refugees,” said European commissioner Johannes Hahn.

– Johannes Hahn, Austrian official

Hahn called Germany’s withdrawn invitation a “big geopolitical mistake,” and said it is not fair to blame Balkan nations for border control, whether too lax or too heavy-handed.

In Hungary, where refugees initially poured in from Serbia, officials closed borders last week with a massive fence and huge military presence. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sijarto stoked Europe’s worst fears when he estimated that up to 35 million refugees could eventually attempt to migrate toward Europe, with thousands of terrorists hidden among them.

Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) had a far more conservative estimate of 1.5 million refugees who will attempt to reach Western Europe via the so-called “Balkan route.” It is impossible to determine how many refugees have already reached European shores and are somewhere between Greece and Germany, but camps throughout the Balkans, as well as Western Europe, are packed with refugees in increasingly tense situations.


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