• The most virulent enemy of including netaniahu are Jew

  • What is the big deal if Jews helped people of color. So what? The fact is the discrimination laws have so many different groups some much larger then people of color that they still do face discrimination.

    Some blacks think horribly of Farakhan. I worked with a African American male who though Farakhan was a terrible person.

    Yeah, the fact the NAACP supports Farakhan is horrible. But I don’t think all people of color support him in fact many don’t.

    • The problem is that NAACP has drifted from its roots. It was founded on the idea that was summed up by what MLK said. Judge not a person by their skin color etc. but the content of their character.

      After King died they got taken over by black nationalists who believed in going out on their own. All the whites & Jews ETC. who helped them were booted and ever since then they’ve made no progress.

      Add to this Lyndom Johnson that racist animal who was friends with the KKK and the leftist racist Texas Governor Pappy O’daniel Ymach Shmo deliberately ruined black America with the Grate society and welfare. Before that they didn’t have the problems they now have like illegetimacy, crime ETC.

  • I don’t know. Maybe Europeans are more advance simply because overall they were relatively more tolerant of Jews then other cultures. But is that true today. I don’t know.

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