White House Ramping Up Global Warming Rhetoric


A nuclear warhead from Iran is the only “global warming” Obama should be thinking about.

Wednesday is Earth Day and the White House is warning that if Americans don’t start tweeting about climate change with hashtags at once, there won’t be any natural wonders left to enjoy.

As an example on Sunday, President Obama’s Senior Advisor Brian Deese did just that:

In an official White House release Monday, Deese implores others to #ActOnClimate in a similar manner in order to “Make this real for your friends, family, and the people who follow you on social media.” Deese adds: “Because we all have a place we feel personally connected to and invested in. This week, there’s something we can do to change the way people think about climate change by connecting it to the spaces we love and our local communities.”

Obama is kicking off Earth Day week by taking his first trip to Florida’s Everglades. Deese explains what this trip is really about:

The Everglades are flat, and they border a rising ocean. As the sea levels rise, the shorelines erode, and that salty water travels inland, threatening the aquifers supplying fresh drinking water to Floridians. That doesn’t just destroy a beautiful and unique national landscape. It threatens an $82 billion state tourism economy, and drinking water for more than 7 million Americans — more than a third of Florida’s population.

Echoing Obama’s words from his most recent weekly address, Deese proclaims, “This Earth Day, we’re far beyond a debate about climate change’s existence.” And apparently rising sea levels.

The White House Twitter feed also ramped up the rhetoric Monday:

It would be wise for the Obama administration to the heed the words of Thomas Sowell, who recently wrote in the Jewish World Review:

The fact that “global warming” models are not doing a very good job of predicting actual temperatures has led to a shift in rhetoric, with “climate change” now being substituted. This is an issue that needs to be contested by scientists using science, not political muscle.


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