Why didn’t Trump drop a bomb on Iran who is building nuclear weapons and promises a nuclear holocaust?

This is going to be the most politically incorrect explanation ever told. In fact, many liberals will literally explode when they read this. Stay with me here.


Anyone who knows us here at JTF knows that we love when Muslim terrorists are liquidated. Any time Muslims kill other Muslims in the name of jihad, we believe they are “right” in their cause and both sides should prove how dedicated they are to Mohammed and should fight to the death against those other fake Muslims and wipe each other out.

We support that. Leave us infidels alone because, hey look, those other Muslims just insulted Mohammed by doing it wrong.

So why am I giving ol’ RINO Trump cheeto king a hard time with that whole “he just killed a bunch of Muslims with the biggest bomb ever?” I mean it sounds good, right?

The problem here is what good is going to come from this? It’s just Obama all over again. Seriously.

Guess what? Obama dropped 26,171 bombs on ISIS in 2016. That’s like 26,170 more bombs than Trump dropped.

Back when Barack Hussein Obama bombed Islamic State (just like Trump did), the Spectator aptly named the article “The pretend war: why bombing ISIS won’t solve the problem” claiming it would solve nothing.

And you know what? It solved absolutely nothing. This bomb will solve nothing too. You want to know why?

Because dropping a bomb in the middle of Afghanistan isn’t even going to put a dent in the number of Muslims that want global jihad. The problem isn’t that one little spot in Afghanistan. The problem is the death cult named Islam.

Our leaders keep talking about the “war on terror.” Please. We have a war on a tactic? We don’t even know who our enemies are! How do you think we can win anything if we can’t even figure out what the problem is or even who the enemy is? You can’t win a war on a tactic. It’s ridiculous.

Furthermore, if you are going to bomb anything… who would you pick?

These idiots in Afghanistan?

Oh here they are practicing to be ninjas:

It’s a good thing they train with those suicide bomb belts on. We encourage that.

Or these Iranians trying to nuke Israel and the United States?

How about this missile they built to carry a nuclear payload that says (in Hebrew) “Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth.”

Iranian missile emblazoned with the slogan ‘Israel Should Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth” (Fars, Iran, March 9, 2016)

Exactly. You drop a bomb on the Muslim lunatics who are building a nuclear weapon to nuke innocent people in order to start a war so their Muslim “messiah” will return and kill all the infidels. Oh… and they want to give this technology to the other Muslim lunatic terrorists so they can nuke infidels too. Yeah, that’s happening right now.

So why are we doing NOTHING about Iran? What gives?

And how is bombing a mentally handicapped and goat marrying country like Afghanistan going to solve the “ISIS” problem that actually is a MUSLIM problem?

Don’t laugh. They are married.

We just wasted a bomb we could have dropped on Iran’s nuclear program! We could have set them back at least 10 years.

And why hasn’t Netanyahu done ANYTHING about Iran other than tell Trump (and you couldn’t even make this next part up if you tried) NOT to cancel the Iranian nuclear deal with Obama! This is the leader of Israel!

Iran’s nucelar bomb would make that MOAB look like a firework.

Where is reason and common sense?

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