Why Is John Kasich Still In It?

Is John Kasich completely mental or is he trying to throw the Republican primaries?

John Kasich finished up in Wisconsin tonight with a disappointing 14.5%

Disappointing, but not surprising.

If the sun rises and Kasich has not announced that he is ending his futile efforts to win the presidency, then there is a serious disconnect between this man and the harsh glare of reality. He has gleefully announced that he sees a way in through a contested convention, but the gamble is so far-flung it borders on insanity.

For now, however, he’s simply the spoiler who refuses to go away. There are times when persistence is a virtue.

This isn’t one of those times.



  • Kasick did worse then expected, don’t like him and some in WI switched from Kasick to Cruz but at this point though he doesn’t really harm anybody as voters aren’t stupid. With the NY primaries coming up and with Cruz in third if Kasick wasn’t in Trump may get more delegates and while in WI some switched to Cruz knowing Kasick had no real chance and didn’t want Trump to win in NY if Cruz continues to poll poorly Kasick may need to be the strategic vote to keep Trumps delegates down as from what I understand if Trump gets under 50% in a district and wins and he gets 2 while 2nd place gets one. Wouldn’t want Trump to get all 99 delegates that is for sure.

  • I think Kasick stays in for 2 reasons. He collects delegates to ply for vice president spot. He also tends to prevent the other 2 from reaching the delegate ‘win’ number sending the whole thing to contested convention, in which case he has some possibility of winning top spot. IMO Kasick has no reason to get out.

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