• Ted Cruz almost lost Texas, one of the most conservative states, in his last elections. If not for Trump coming to his rescue he would’ve. Why should we think he would’ve done well in the general?

    And if we are really honest, Beto probably threw the race to keep himself open for a presidential run since he delusionally believed he was the next Obama.

    So enough with the Cruz this, Cruz that. We don’t know what would’ve happened had he won the primaries. Now let’s move on.

  • The moral to the story is the reason BLM and the rest are winning is because they are not afraid of offending the polite and being PC. They are not objective. They are committed to victory.

    That’s how you win. That’s how JDL won and freed the soviet Jews.

    But were too afraid of being called racists and being mean and insensitive.

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