• I agree. Its so sad. And I mean… WTF?? IS HE KIDDING? American POWs are losers?!?! Those people suffered for our freedoms and what did this guy do other than go around cheating on his pregnant wife?!?

    The GOP is no longer a viable party. Its no good anymore…

    I think Chaim you should do another show like this and warn everyone what to do like store food up because there will be a famine if we have another lockdown which Biden has promised to do.

    Also, people should buy weapons. When they did that after Obama was elected it scared the Democrats cold. One reason they couldn’t do all that evil they promised to do is because America had locked and loaded. They were scared to death!!

    Oh yes.

  • The veterans comment attributed to Trump was nothing but fake news propaganda by the Communist mainstream media for the exact reason you mentioned: take attention away from the economic recovery, and due to your blind hatred of Trump you carried their message. You were also one of the people who said that Trump is a Russian agent. When will you be apologizing for it? Does the Bible state that it’s OK to malign people simply because you happen to not like them?

  • Who would bet good money on biden winning? Not too many. Don’t believe the fake polls.

  • Chaim you are FAKE NEWS you believe that Trump said that about the dead soldiers you are an idiot so easily fooled by the evil left. Over 20 people including John Bolton who hates Trump said this is a lie. Trump Derange Syndrome is real you need help Chaim, you are so envious of Trump you have so much hatred towards a Gentile who has shown Israel and the Jewish people so much love, seriously have you ever wondered why your movement never grew? You hate everyone, Trump is the best thing to ever happen to the Jewish people and you attack him 24/7 you are an evil man blinded by hatred you are like Korach in the Bible who attacked Moshe. Deep down you know Trump never said that about the dead soldiers but you are like CNN spreading Fake News cause it makes you feel good to attack Trump.

  • He is a no good crook and con man that belongs in jail. Good riddance yo a piece of shit

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