YOUR TAX DOLLARS: NY Spends MILLIONS Giving Illegals ‘Free’ Legal Defense

Ah, New York. The home of the Yankees, the Mets, and truckloads of illegal immigrants. It’s no secret that New York has a rabid love affair with all things illegal immigration (see NYC Won’t Deport Illegal Thieves Because ‘They’re Breadwinners.’ Yes, Really… and Moron of the Year: De Blasio Says Drunk Driving Is Ok… When Illegals Do It).

So, of course, we’ve come to expect these sort of things from the big illegal-laden apple. But this is cringeworthy even by New York’s standards.

Apparently NY plans to siphon millions of tax dollars to expand a budget for legal defense for, you guessed it, illegals.

State lawmakers approved $4 million in grants aimed at ensuring that every immigrant facing deportation in New York State is represented by an attorney.

The 2017-2018 budget sets aside funds to expand the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (NYIFUP). NYIFUP currently provides counsel for immigrants facing deportation in New York City who can’t otherwise afford representation.

But it gets worse…

This new infusion will allow the program to expand … making New York the first state in the country to provide attorneys for all financially eligible immigrants facing deportation. Research by the Vera Institute indicates that detained immigrants have about a three percent chance of avoiding deportation without counsel, but that percentage increases 100 percent if they have legal representation.

New York wants to spend millions helping criminals, giving illegals a 100% chance of staying in the country indefinitely. Allowing said criminals to enjoy a wide array of benefits such as affordable college (read Universities to Give Million in Financial Aid… To Illegal Immigrants) and drivers’ licenses.

This is all sans citizenship because such are the rules of caring. No, your cares matter not if you’re but a legal citizen who pays his taxes and one-stars Amy Schumer. Check your naturalized privilege. And gimme a taco.

The left makes legal defense of illegals seem normal by using sneaky language, but the message is the same: take money from the lawful, give to people who give zero craps about America’s laws. Slap an equality sticker on it and virtue signal to the world. Congratulations, you’ve made America less safe!

By the way, leftists squawk about a border wall costing too much money, yet they’re keen on spending millions of dollars on these pro-illegal programs. Interesting…

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