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Anti-Gun advertisements (Videos)
« on: December 25, 2007, 12:53:44 AM »
You guys already seen the anti smoking ad's on TV that live in the US, this is the stuff being put on tv in England, this will be coming to America soon. Posting these so you guys understand and prepare for this liberal propaganda and how it brainwashes the average people.

Some ad in the UK about guns, shows a black family and the mother picks up the gun and shoots the kid like a psychopath then drops the gun and remains normal, WTF?!

Some marijuana ad which two kids screw around with a gun and shoot someone, this is being aired in the US

Anti-gun political ad in the US

Some ad in the UK trying to ban toy guns claiming their being converted into real guns

American anti-smoking ad showing a teenager playing russian roulette with a revolver to symbolize smoking deaths. Again anti-gun

Anti-gun ad in America with a kid playing with a gun killing another kid

Camp Okutta propaganda videos being aired in Canada, the intention is against child soldiers but the message is still rather anti gun.

Short anti-gun snippet from educational channel

Some anti-gun ad aired in the US about kids finding their parents guns.

A hollywood movie loosely based off the Columbine school shooting with a scene claiming a minor can order a firearm off the internet from a gun website shipped directly to their home before going off on a school massacre.

Anti-gun commercial showing two black kids fighting and one pulls out a gun, the bullet goes through several homes and kills a bunch of people, exaggeration of the force behind a bullet and not taking into consideration the impact which would reduce the power and speed of the bullet by the time it hit the first object.
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