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Sarah From Before She Repented
« on: February 04, 2007, 05:03:40 PM »
This thread is some background information about Sarah, from before she repented. Under advisement from Jimmy Sullivan, I un-banned her after she asked to be allowed to come back. 

Please read the following on the air. For your information, this Muslim woman is a white Anglo-Saxon whose grandparents converted to Islam. She says she doesn't believe in killing Non-Muslims and is just someone working hard on her academic work. Do you believe with proper education, we could get her to leave Islam? Or is she just lying to the infidels? She seems to me like a typical white girl who has only been brainwashed. She seems like many people who were born into Islam and don't know a thing about the religion they were born into.

"Sarah" deleted the original post of hers from Ask JTF so the only remnant of it is when you read it on the broadcast. I told her it's not proper for Muslim women to address Jewish men as "honey" which she also misspelled.

She has now said she is only 14 years old and is renouncing Islam.

Quote from: sarah....
hunni i didn't ask anything at all........
Chaim read some one elses attempts to make me known.

Good, gibberish is nicer then the truth


Quote from: Marzutra on December 08, 2006, 09:44:18 PM
What a waste of a good plane.  The revenge on Islam is a great thread.  May it grow to the point they are rounded up and deported from all countries West of Turkey, including Israel.  May their mosques come down to make way for our shopping malls, restaurants, travel agencies, expensive condos or parking lots.  May every Quraan and Arabic rag be loaded with nuclear payloads onto the entire American Fleet of B-52 Stratofortresses for the purpose peacefully returning their "holy" literature while making Mecca and every Muslim major city into glass parking lots..... 

Quote from: sarah.... on Today at 02:42:45 PM

That was an evil thing to told me once that the only good thing was that muslims are monotheists and believe in one G-d. I Think praying to G-d is much more important then SHOPPING, you have offended me extremely.....AT LEAST SOME MUSLIMS SPEND THEIR TIME PRAYING IN MOSQUES, ISN'T THIS BETTER THEN SHOPPING, people spending money on things that aren't even needed....

Would you like it if i said "May your synagoges be bulldozed down to make way for, restaurants, hotels, HALAL butchers etc...May every hebrew scripture and jewish star be burnt into ashes and fed to pigs".......

Did that make you angry? I'm sure it did....but i DID NOT MEAN IT was to give you an example of how rude your comment was...but so you would actually UNDERSTAND. Infact i respect JUDAISM immensely......i would never disrespect the TORAH as i believe it was a book from my G-d as well.......

How can someone believe your views or even want to listen to you....when you express them with such hate and disrespect..that you come over as a complete nutter. You ALL say that muslims hate non-muslims and won't let them in arab countries...BUT ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU WANT....U WANT THE MUSLIMS DEPORTED? YOU HATE THEM TOO? In my eyes both are bad and are confused .....

Its like a game......he hates me so i hate him.....the only reason the west hasn't deported the muslims yet is because there are actually some NICE people out there who don't want to cause trouble.....

And marzutra.......israel does bulldoze the houses of the *muslims* in the middle east and commits don't tell me they kill not murder....they both cause innocent people to die , also don't tell me they only kill the suicide bombers because that is not true either....they kill babies and purpose?That is not for me to say......but whatever the reason, be it an act of carelessness, they still STOPPED AN INNOCENT LIFE FROM LIVING....these people are innocent when they are born and even when they are young children.....

Then they learn...from their parents and surroundings...there are killings in the middleeast, iraq etc and so they see people killing there people....and killing becomes something usual...and these people become TWISTED THEY CANNOT SEE THAT IT IS WRONG. I am not being kind to them, i believe they are stupid and arrogant not to see the wrong in it.

Quote From Yacov Menashe:

You are now banned for this post, specifically for accusing Israel of murder. You have exposed your true colors and have shown us you have no intentions of seriously renouncing Islam.

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Re: Sarah From Before She Repented
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2007, 11:23:46 PM »
I don't see why she hasn't been banned. Her words have convicted her plenty of times.