Author Topic: Why Islam is the most peaceful religion and why this is a hate site.  (Read 1788 times)

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I will explain in most details why Islam is most peaceful religion and why this is a hate site. The owner of this site claims that this site is not racist but their articles are fabricated and meant to put down poor people, blacks, hispanics, and arab muslims.... They always depict especially muslims and their own "liberals" as the bad one and never claim to compromise on a political views. Islam is a peaceful religion that doesn't do any harm to innocents and non-muslims. In fact, our Prophet Mohammed asked and invited many empires to embrace Islam... Mohammed even said "seek knowledge even far into China". He meant that Islam was suppose to spread through the entire world and enlighten people because ALLAH has promised a paradise for believers. Anyways.... We muslims live peaceful religion and the media always want some scapegoats to attack. This is ridiculous and this site should be put down for making racist views on Liberals, Immigrants, Blacks, Non-Jews, and Islam. Jews have the audacity to say "jew-hater" in 1/10 of a second while they support racism in their biggest terrorist country, Israel. Israel kills innocent palestinians everyday. And by the way, please stop all those lies. Holocaust is an exaggeration and no one really knows how many died there. Let's be reasonable 6 million is an estimation and the number of casualities are actually lower than that. Well the shrunken head is a mannequien head and a toy. THere is no proof that people were insane enough to make someone's head smaller. See those little jews dont' even have a clue what they say because they say stuff out of their bagel's ass. And by the way, say hi to one of your rabbis you will see in a coffin when I go visit a synagogue down in Beirut.

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Re: Why Islam is the most peaceful religion and why this is a hate site.
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didnt we ban this nazi shmuck??  >:( >:( >:(
the arab SOB is back it seems.
kid- first finish school, if your tiny arab brain allows it

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