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Problems with multiculturalism unveiled
« on: April 25, 2010, 12:13:08 PM »

A Canadian pro-family activist says the push for acceptance of multiculturalism has created the problem the province of Quebec is experiences as Muslims have been protesting a bill that would restrict women from wearing face coverings.


The Canadian Broadcasting Company reports that this past Saturday, about 60 women -- a third of them wearing the Muslim veil -- demonstrated in front of Montreal City Hall, demanding the province scrap legislation that would require anyone receiving public services to show their face.

Bill 94 was proposed last month as a solution to the need to balance individual freedoms with the values of Quebec society, including the equality between men and women and secular public institutions. But protesters described the legislation as discriminatory.

QuebecBrian Rushfeldt, executive director of Canada Family Action (CFA), says the demands by Muslims are the consequence of instilling a multicultural mindset on a population.

"That's exactly what you encourage -- people coming from whatever part of the world they want to, thinking that they can impose their values, their views, their culture and their laws upon everybody else," he comments. "And that will create a breakdown and a division in society that I think has in the past led to wars."

Rushfeldt hopes Quebec will stand its ground on this issue.

"It at least reverses a little bit of this whole notion that we just have to let everybody do whatever they want," he contends. "Most Canadians are not open to letting everybody to whatever they want when they come to this country."

The CFA executive director notes that people are expected to abide by a set of laws if they want to reside in Canada.
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