Author Topic: Paypal suspends SIOA, FDI, Atlas Shrugs accounts as "hate speech"  (Read 1101 times)

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Paypal suspends SIOA, FDI, Atlas Shrugs accounts as "hate speech"

The Left's ongoing strategy is to rule its opposition outside the bounds of acceptable and reasonable political discourse. This is the long-term goal behind all the accusations of "hatred," "bigotry," etc. And so now this from Paypal. Paypal, in its enlightened Leftism, now apparently deems resistance to an ideology that would extinguish the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience, as well as equality of rights before the law for women and non-Muslims, to be "hate."

Note also that the openly genocidal jihadists of still have their Paypal account. No problem there.

Pamela Geller has the details here.

Email Paypal's Acceptable Use Policy Department: [email protected]

I will of course be dropping Paypal for Jihad Watch as soon as I can take the time to navigate the technical issues involved. Anyone who has any suggestions for what to replace it with, please email me at director[at]

This is an issue with much larger implications than just a few Paypal accounts. This is a question of whether people with politically incorrect opinions will be denied access to services. Businesses are free to refuse to deal with whomever they choose to, except where regulated by law. But when they won't do business with someone because they dislike her political opinions, the potential for abuse is enormous, and the possibility of making it economically unfeasible to hold political opinions that are unpopular with the political elites becomes immediate and real.

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