Author Topic: How do I ask my "Ask JTF" question?  (Read 11211 times)

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How do I ask my "Ask JTF" question?
« on: July 30, 2012, 11:02:59 PM »
You cannot post or reply in this section of the forum. The Ask JTF board is locked and read-only.

In order to ask your question, simply go to:

Fill out your short question, your forum user name, and your forum password, and then click the OK button.

Question: I do not see this week's thread yet. Can I still ask my question?
Answer: Yes, if the thread does not exist, it will be automatically created for you. You do not have to wait for the thread to ask your question.

Question: Can I change my question once I have already posted it?
Answer: Unfortunately, no. In order to change your question, you will need to email Chaim or myself. We are considering this functionality for a future release.

Question: Can you give us more space to ask our question?
Answer: Currently, the limits are in place to keep the weekly program short. One of the reasons is so that we may use sections of it in videos on YouTube.

Question: I can't post my question. What do I do?
Answer: If you have already posted a question, you cannot post another for the current week's program. Make sure you are using the correct user name and password. If you still have a problem, send a message to Chaim or myself.
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