Author Topic: Muslims Don't Murder Jews Out of Desperation  (Read 3712 times)

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Muslims Don't Murder Jews Out of Desperation
« on: October 20, 2015, 12:16:09 AM »
Muslims Don't Murder Jews Out of Desperation

By Yekutiel Ben Yaakov <[email protected]>
Oct 18 at 4:27 AM



It is not desperation that drives Arabs to “acts of desperation”, but rather hate and hope that triggers acts of hatred in the hope that they will achieve their murderous goal.

The problem is not desperation, as the State Dept. and Israeli leftist media would like us to believe, that has brought about this unprecedented recent wave of heinous terrorism perpetrated by Arabs. In fact, many of the terrorists come from affluent Arab homes. Nor is it desperate Arabs - who have given up hope of gaining statehood or more land. Quite to the contrary – this new explosion of terror incidents has been sparked precisely as Israel has shown a willingness to surrender more land, and as Bibi has again frozen Jewish building in Jerusalem and throughout Judea and Samaria.

What makes Ahmad run to stab Avraham in the back with a butcher knife?

It is the opposite of what they tell us in Washington and in our own media. It is Jewish weakness and hesitation to take the necessary decisive action against the Arabs due to Israel’s obsession with the fear of the response of the gentiles. It is not Israel’s changing the status quo on the mount, but rather Israel’s unwillingness to change the status quo of anti-Jewish discrimination - barring Jews from praying on the Temple Mount, as Bibi boasted in his address to the nation of Israel last week. How proud Bibi is of his policy to make Judaism’s holiest site void of any Jewish prayers and Judenrein.

Allow me to propose that G-d knew what He was talking about when He said that Ishmael shall be a wild beast, (Genesis 16,12). Look at how they kill each other in Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and wherever they are. This is what they dream to do to us. G-d also knew what he was saying when He supported Sara’s expulsion of Hagar and Ishmael from their home, lest Ishmael harm Isaac, (Genesis 21;11).

When Israeli leaders stand up, prostrating themselves in their futile exercise to expose Abbas for his lies, they do not bring compassion upon Israel and this does not serve to prevent further attacks. The opposite is true- this shows the Arabs just how sensitive Israel is to world opinion, thus only furthering the Arab quest and hope to achieve their age old dream to throw the Jews into the sea.

Nature hates a void.

Israel’s pathetic inaction against its enemies and fear of world opinion causes Israel to act against its own. Israel finds itself releasing Arab terrorists and instead persecuting and prosecuting its own soldiers, investigating and curtailing IDF soldiers, further pumping hope into the hateful hearts of the Arabs. It is this hope that increases the Arab murderer’s appetite to murder Jews. The Arab feels that he is achieving his goal and getting closer to Israel’s demise. The Arab coward gains the courage to pounce on his frightened wounded Jewish prey when the Jew shows weakness, fear and hesitation to fight back. It is this lack of will to fight, that eggs the Arab on.

Hill top Jewish youth are arrested and jailed without charges – The Arabs watch and laugh.
 When the self-hating Jewish regime bends over backwards to prosecute Jewish youth who retaliate against the multitude of Arab attacks, this too wets the appetite of the Arab beast. If it was not sad it would be funny. Last night there was a news release sent out by the Israeli authorities boasting about the arrest of a “price tag’ suspect Thursday. The release went on bragging about Israel’s joint special task force that allocates its finest agents and technologies to capture hilltop youth. They arrested a Jewish youth with his typical price tag weapons of destruction. Yes, he had in his bag spray-paint and plastic gloves. Indeed if it was not so sad it would be comical.

The way to victory is the way of faith in G-d and not in Washington.

The way to victory is by fearing G-d and taking the necessary action as mandated by G-d in His Torah. One inherits the land by disinheriting his enemies, Bamidbar 33;53. We bring redemption closer by having faith and by working towards the rebuilding of the Temple and not by surrendering the mount or by persecuting Jews who wish to exercise their basic right to pray on the mount. Faith brings redemption – (Mechilta BeShalach Parsha 6). The destruction of the Temple came when people of faith vanished from Jerusalem – (Tractate Shabbat 109b). Faith means following His commandments to expel our hostile enemies and to aspire to build the Temple and believing that the G-d of Israel is indeed more powerful than “our friend” Obama. However, in truth, one need not be a man of faith to understand how counter-productive and self-destructive it is to cave in to the hostile dictates of our enemies.

The Arabs watch Iran being rewarded for their call to annihilate Israel. The Arabs watch the Jew who cowers in fear of international opinion and sanctions, and they have learned that the Jew will allow them to get away with murder out of fear of international opinion. Israel’s crying before the nations, only strengthens the Arab resolve to slaughter more Jews. How pathetic, to watch the Israeli spokesmen as they beseech the world: “Look world, the Arab murderer is still alive and we are giving him milkys and donuts and the finest care in our hospital. Abbas is a liar.” Israel cries but nobody hears her, Israel shows photos but nobody sees. Eyes they have, but they do not see, Ears they have, but they do not hear. Israel is held to a double standard and blamed regardless. It is time for Israel to free itself from the shackles of a world who could care less if Israel was to disappear tomorrow.

We do not need more bypass roads and more soldiers in Jerusalem – we need to remove the hostile Arabs from our midst regardless of world opinion and we need to remove the pathetic galut-mentality from our hearts that cripple us from taking the necessary action to save Israel. Faith in G-d, and not in the Goyim.