Author Topic: Warning: If coronavirus causes recession, Trump will probably lose (new video)  (Read 406 times)

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Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

The program is 28 minutes this week.

Video version on BitChute:

Usual audio format:

For those who would like to download the file for their MP3 players or iPods, the link is provided below:

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In English:

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I think it could happen if the corona virus dehibilitates trump supporters making them unable to vote due to illness or death.
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Lose to who?
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I may not be Trump's biggest fan but if it's him versus an outright communist, abortion-loving, euthanasia loving, depopulation loving, give dangerous hormone blockers to children loving, deep state loving democrat then I'd rather have Trump win. At the very least he is more likely to appoint better Supreme Court justices than the demon-crats.

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Trump will eat and digest the coronavirus.
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Many meetings and events have already been cancelled. Also some primary and secondary schools in CA have or are seriously considering shutting down. Some of the colleges in CA are considering switching to on-line access and extending spring breaks- a real mess.

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I won't be surprised if Trump loses anyway.  Virus or no virus.  The hatred for Trump, trumps everything.