Author Topic: President Tucker Carlson? President Nikki Haley? President Lindsey Graham?  (Read 387 times)

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Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

The program is 34 minutes this week.

Video version on BitChute:

Usual audio format:

For those who would like to download the file for their MP3 players or iPods, the link is provided below:

Please join and comment on our great news sites:

In English:

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You spoke against Tucker Carlson and the US's enemy Iran, so the white supremacists got triggered and attack you in the comments.

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All relatively better than the alternative. But ted Cruz will be a welcomed support
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Superb video. Unfortunately, none of these
potential existing "Republicrat" alternatives are
close to being real conservatives and all of
them are terrible on most and in particular the
Jewish issues. The only feasible candidates we
would support are Ted Cruz or Louie Gohmert
unless they didn't run and hypothetically a new
"Conservative" candidate with their policies and
values were to emerge and run for office.

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You spoke against Tucker Carlson and the US's enemy Iran, so the white supremacists got triggered and attack you in the comments.

The only thing dumber than their comments are their memes, which make leftist memes look not retarded in comparison. I guess that's why the left is obsessed with attacking those losers, they're the only people leftist freaks look better than.

First one we should be able to moderate for vulgarity, and I'm sure the Nazi could make quite the obsessed rant to explain how he thinks Jews are black people with money. I'm sure he has lots of stories about other people also.

First gay meme, yes we know you see Jews everywhere and are obsessed, tell him meds help.

Second one, last first the Nazis loved Muslims and if G-d forbid America had supported them, there'd be a lot more muslims in America. The second world war had nothing to do with the status of black people in America, and the Nazis sent them letters saying they're all oppressed and Nazis will be more loving. America is clearly not ruled by Jews, or it would be doing something for Jews. The facts on that matter are unlikely to help, it's likely he believes that every American citizen and solider is forced to devote every waking moment to Jews, and listening to it would be irritating. Then he says "the white nation we had", which they didn't really other than in slavery technically because the blacks weren't really seen as part of the nation. However that was the civil war, not ww2, he needs to make a civil war meme to make that stupid point, but he wants to say it was wrong to kill murdering Nazi armies. Like a leftist meme, too much text and you need more to explain why everything's stupid.

Next Nazi fag meme is just saying Jews, Asians, Mexicans and black people are the ones spreading cultural marxism, but many more white people do, so right away it's retarded. It's ironically so as well, because the actual cultural marxists try to destroy America by making racial divides, with stupid crap like this as much as for the pantifa types. And then he wrote his name like he's a cartoonist for copy-pasting Nazi propaganda into a kkk meme. At least if you're that stupid be embarassed.

Then he dropped the deport meme, which in the context adds no information other than repeating he doesn't like Jews.

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