Author Topic: America will soon have a non-white majority; 74% of NYC Jewish kids are Orthodox  (Read 412 times)

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Of course there are things that can be done to stop the demographic decline. Get rid of homosexuality, abortion and feminism and whites will breed again.

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It's because Jews had a massive presence in Europe for over a thousand years is why "white is right". Their Roman religion is a fraud, hypocrisy and failure but it makes its adherents obsessed with Jews and our heritage and believe they're our replacements. Even though the commandments are fulfilled by their pagan man-god. Having the presence of Jews pushed them to try and behave as a way to one up us. Like competition to prove they're are our replacements as the so called new Jews or real Jews. Our presence in Europe as the people of the bible who they obsessed over pushed them to behave more civilized and it united Europe under the same moral banner. If there had been no Jews or very few Jews in Europe they wouldn't of have anything to push off of, nobody to one up. It would of just been Jesus fulfills the laws so behavior as a personal responsibility to G'd means nothing. But instead it was... Jesus fulfills the laws but those 'evil' Jews aren't going to show us up. So without pushing off of us as competition then white would be about as right as hispanics who were once mayan and aztec. 

Everywhere in the world where Jesus Worship spread its been a failure besides Europe because we were there in mass as a form of competition of righteousness for the neo-pagans to push of off. That's my theory. Well, that and Europeans also had brain power from the Greeks and Romans. But regulating personal behavior from the fear of G'd would of never been a real thing without our presence. After all, why care about fearing G'd over personal behavior when Jesus does it all for you? Why worry about behavior when Jesus lets you can have your cake and eat it too? White was only right because we were there. They hate us for that, on a subconcious level they really hate us for that. Would of been so much easier if it was just Jesus and he doesn't tell you to eat your vegetables, he eats them for you. Gee, what a convenient god! When the Jews are broke down, western civilization is broke down.     
The exile is absolute poison. The exile breeds self hatred and also hatred for others. We are making fools of ourselves in the exile and the self hating exile mindset that governs Israel is destroying us and making us the fool among the nations.