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As far as I know, MLK used Jews to help in his cause for civil rights.
General Discussion / Re: Lutherans (and MLK) can go screw themselves
« Last post by Joe Gutfeld on Today at 12:13:36 PM »
Today is their day.  Most blacks don't even know who MLK is.
One less nut in the world.
It looks like just your average nutbag.
Is this about that Law and Order episode that aired last week?  I watch that show all the time.  I thought it was the worst moment in the show's 30 plus year history on TV.  What gets me mad is that the mother is "proud" of her son.  Give me a break!!
General Discussion / Re: YouTube problems
« Last post by Joe Gutfeld on Today at 12:07:47 PM »
I got banned from posting comments on Youtube maybe 3 or more years ago. All i really did was defend Jewish heritage and pride in an extreme way but no more extreme than the massive assault slander on our heritage and pride from the usual Jew haters - Christians, Muslims, Arabs, Nazis, Commies, Leftist, Blacks and White Trash. If a Jew fights fire with fire on social media the Jew gets canceled first.     
You are not allowed to defend Jews or Israel on Youtube.  Only Muslims and blacks you can defend.
James Earl Ray should've received a medal for what he did.

Governor Evan Mecham did the right thing by rescinding the "holiday" in Arizona and was hounded out of office for it   >:( >:(

Radio stations are honoring this womanizing biped by playing songs in his honor today. One disgusting tune is "Black and White" by Three Dog Night.Disgusting lyrics.  >:( >:(
Hamas claims el yahud sent killer dolphins

Now why did you guys do that?   Why did you send dolphins with guns?
This is what western media is shoving perversion down our throats & trying to make it seem normal just a few years ago this would not pass the TV censors now it is forced on us!!!!
Hi Chaim,
  I just saw the video Dan ben noah posted and I would like to clarify something. The Christian Bible does not say that you will go to hell if you are not a christian. The book of revelations may convey the message that if you do not accept God you will go to hell but it does not say non Christians are going to hell. Even the Catholic catechism accepts the fact that people of other faiths do not go to hell because they are not christian. Please tell me the verse you're referring to and I will address it next week. I'm not trying to do this in an adversarial way and I'm not at all offended.  I just do not want my Jewish friends to believe that I belong to a religion that says righteous people no matter what their religion will go to hell. So please email me the passage in revelation . If it says that non Christians are going to hell than I will leave the Catholic church tomorrow. I really think this is important to address for Jewish Christian dialogue. There is too much equating of Christianity and Christendom which have not always been the same unfortunately.  Thanks in advance
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