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"Blog “Upoznaj pravoslavlje – pravoslavna vjera i duhovnost na hrvatskom jeziku” je stranica o pravoslavlju, Pravoslavnoj Crkvi, teologiji, i duhovnosti, na hrvatskom jeziku. Članovi smo zakonite SPC, koja ima kanonsku jurisdikciju u Republici Hrvatskoj, i predstavljamo pravoslavlje na standardnom hrvatskom jeziku i na način prilagođen nepravoslavnima i nesrbima, pogotovo katolicima. Na stranici možete naći linkove svih važnijih pravoslavnih ustanova u Hrvatskoj, kao i službene stranice pravoslavnih Crkava u svijetu."
Walter Bingham says good things about Rabbi Kahane in the beginning of the radio program.    I'm pretty sure he would like to say more  but he's being careful on his radio program not to get red flagged and removed from Aruts Sheva's radio play list.
Nice piece.

It seems like rabbi Nachman kahane is playing it safe by his words about rabin, ysv
General Discussion / Re: <removed useless post>
« Last post by Dr. Dan on Today at 06:05:33 AM »
Why revisit a post from 7 years ago?
Violet Beauregarde
I saw that article today but it was behind a paywall.
The rate of crime in Israel is belonging to the lowest in the western world - except from Arab cities and villages. Dozens of murders are leading there to a different way of thinking. And to austounding political consequences.

Israel is praising itself for one of the lowest crime-rates in the western world. In Jewish locations is the rate lower than in Switzerland. But in arab locations was created in the last 20 years a parallel-world.

No night is passing, in that the sound of maschine gun bursts is not heard in the streets. The shoots are the sound of one of the highest murder rates world-wide. Alone since the beginning of the year Israels Arab citizens have to mourn 82 victims of murder, eleven of it women. Arabs are 20 % of the population, but 64 percent of the victims of murder.

Of this the residents have enough. Since months they are demonstrating against the gouvernment - with an astounding claim: They ask for a massive presence of the police - after they have recected it before, as a symbol of the hated Jewish state.

An Arab is quoted:
In the Westbank are 10 murders in one million inhabitants, in the Gaza strip there are 11, in Jordan 18. Among Israeli Arabs is the murder rate by now 50 murders in one million inhabitants. Althrough we have all the same culture.


The Arabs in Israel murdering each other with the highest rate in the middle east. It is proven by numbers und the Arabs admit. While at the same time it is proven, that Jewish areas have one of the lowest crime rates world wide!
Torah and Jewish Idea / Re: The Divine Code Daily Dose
« Last post by Hrvatski Noahid on November 15, 2019, 02:45:53 AM »
This means that Jacob alone is the child from Abraham and Isaac who agreed to follow that religious path and unique Divine service. Thus Abraham's descendants through Jacob are commanded in circumcision. The descendants of Abraham's children from his wife Keturah, who were born after Ishmael and Isaac, are also obligated to circumcise their male children on the eighth day from birth (the Divine Code by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Ask Noah International, 2018, p 59).
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