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Well of course.  After all, the evil scientist Yakub created the Joooz in a lab to cause blacks everywhere to be poor and violent.
He also supports jailing skeptics of man-made climate change.

Left-wing radical, Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ channeled China when he suggested that parents in developed countries should perhaps be penalized for having ‘extra kids’ because it’s the evil humans who are causing ‘climate change’.

FYI, Bill Nye has a degree in engineering, but no background in science. He’s just another left-wing eugenicist who hates the idea of family and God.

Via The Daily Caller:

Nye asked one of the panelists on the Tuesday episode of his Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves The Earth” if it would be a good idea to have the government penalize having “extra kids.”

“Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?” Nye asked Travis Rieder, an academic for Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University.

“I do think we should at least consider it,” said Rieder, who believes that limiting the size of families is paramount to fighting global warming. “Well, ‘at least consider it’ is like, ‘do it,’” Nye replied.

Rieder and Nye’s fellow panelists appeared to push back against the academic’s suggestions. One said that Americans should be able to have as many or as few children as they pleased without fear from the government – it’s about human rights, she said.

Notice this charlatan who passes himself off as a ‘science guy’ is only going after developed countries which means he wants less white people and or Christians having kids. As usual, the left is attacking whites and or Christians. Climate change hysterics are cult followers. It is their religion and it is based on fraudulent, manipulated data.

Left-wing degenerates like Bill Nye are using the climate change hoax as a way to redistribute wealth globally and to bring greater human misery to developed countries.
Wait, I thought the flavor of ice cream you chose determined where you are on the 'gender spectrum'
Trump signs permits funding Planned Parenthood abortion clinics… but not for a border wall

Pathetic: Trump fans say they’ll forgive him for not building the wall

Conservative movement reaching a breaking point

Whether it’s the continuation of Obamacare and Obama’s policies, illegal immigrants and crime, the lack of any kind of wall on our borders, allowing Muslim migrants from enemy countries into U.S. “sanctuary cities”, pushing Israel to give up it’s land and become some kind of “partner” with terrorists, allowing terrorist Iran to create nuclear weapons, extending Obama’s sanction relief to terrorist Iran, funding of Planned Parenthood, defending gay “marriage” and LGBT special rights, or any of the other heinous things the GOP/Trump administration is doing… conservatism has been sold out. Stop making excuses.
it be da jooz fault
Krazy Kim number jr would be glad to nuke everybody. His even crazier father would do it in 10 seconds.
Yvette Lieberman likes to talk tough even when silence is prudent.

I suspect that the whole crisis is manufactured by Trump and Bomber Boy for internal political use.
Israel supplies, Iran, Hizbollah & Egypt with weapons, missiles & even WMDs.

Now that the NORKs have directly existentially threatened Israel, Kim is in Israel's sights

Pyongyang may just be within Israel's Jericho III range.

And with a range of over 2000 miles, even Israel's F15is could be used for a surgical strike, with refueling & if launched from a friendly country eg India.

The Koreas may be referred to in Torah sources

You don't understand R.Soloveichik and therefore you don't understand Katz.

You will never understand this sugia until you read R. Soloveichik.

In other words, you are an am ha aretz in this sugia and until you endeavor to change that, you will remain an am ha aretz.
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