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General Discussion / Re: Anybody here done the DNA ancestry tests?
« Last post by Lisa on Today at 03:00:09 PM »
And speaking of blacks, the Arabic word for slave abed or sometimes spelled abeed.  Therefore the name Abdullah literally translates to slave of Allah.  I'm posting this because these Arabs had black slaves.  And I've read that calling someone an abed is derogatory.
General Discussion / Re: Anybody here done the DNA ancestry tests?
« Last post by briann on Today at 02:00:41 PM »
Hi Rubystars.  I read somewhere that it's not the best idea to give these companies your DNA since you never know where it will ultimately end up.  On another note, it's funny hearing about white supremacists taking the time to edts only to discover they have non white ancestry.

There was one instance of a site using the DNA to solve a murder.   But generally I agree that it's not something you would want to do if you are on the paranoid side.

I forgot to mention that almost every American black who takes the DNA test is shocked/disappointed to find out they have white in them.  I think they need to go to Africa to see what non-mixed blacks truly look like.
How sure are you that the nomination will pass the houses?

From everything I've read, it's close to a lock.   This was in the works for a long time, and needed to be timed perfectly.  The only RINO that will potentially vote against it would be Mccain (or his substitute since he is battling brain cancer).  There are 4 democrats that are from red states, and will most likely not be re-elected if they don't vote to approve him.   So maybe half will vote for him (the same happened with previous nominee)

But if none vote for him, and Mccain's substitute votes against him... it would be a split vote, and would go to the V.P.

So the only scenario would involve all 4 red state dems voting against it, Mccain voting against it, and another RINO voting against it... but that seems very unlikely.
General Discussion / Re: Anybody here done the DNA ancestry tests?
« Last post by briann on Today at 01:48:08 PM »

What do they expect? They go around force converting people. If they wanted Muslims to be pure, they would only allow Arabs to become Muslim. Mohammad only hated Non-Muslims, but he allowed any racial group to convert to Islam. Only the Nation of Islam doesn't allow white converts. I wonder what they think of Arabs. Arabs are white but the Nation of Islam is too dumb to know that. Islam as well as Judaism and Xtianity were started by whites. If Louis Farakhan wants a pure black religion, he should become an animist or voodoo.

There's very few restrictive religions that exist today.   Probably because if they are restrictive, they tend to stay relatively small.

btw, there are plenty of black groups that believe that J. Christ is black, and that Santa Clause is black,  and that Egypt was a black culture.  And that blacks invented everything... including flying saucers and Jewish people.
Torah and Jewish Idea / Re: The Divine Code Daily Dose
« Last post by Hrvatski Noahid on Today at 07:14:38 AM »
But a Gentile who does not observe his seven commandments, even if he learns about them but not for the sake of fulfilling them, is indeed sinful, and he will be punished by the Hand of Heaven for this Torah learning. If he serves idols (or follows other paths of heresy), and nevertheless involves himself in Torah learning, he is liable for capital punishment by the Hand of Heaven (the Divine Code by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Ask Noah International, 2011, p 92).     
Torah and Jewish Idea / Re: Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge
« Last post by Noachide on Today at 04:37:45 AM »
This correct concept of prophecy also serves to negate the false idea of an intermediary between God and humans. A reason why people originally made the mistake of accepting the idea of an intermediary was that they thought God is too “high” to lower Himself to relate to earthly creatures. From this, they further reasoned that there was no relationship and connection between the Creator and mankind, and no Divine Providence over them. They imagined that God does not truly care about what people do, and that He therefore consigns the governance of the world (totally or partially) to intermediary powers.

The rectification of this error is accomplished when people accept the knowledge which is revealed by God through His true prophets. This brings them to unify themselves with God, and nullify themselves before Him, so they can willfully submit themselves to His purpose and plan. One clear benefit which this brings to a person is the gift of knowing that God’s Divine Providence is actively involved with His creations, including each individual person (Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge by Rabbi Moshe Weiner and Dr. Michael Schulman, Ask Noah International, 2017, p 41-42).

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Chaim you need to make a video on these hundreds of rockets Hamas terrorists are firing into Israel and the fact Netanyahu refuses to use massive force.
How sure are you that the nomination will pass the houses?
I love seeing the liberal meltdowns.
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