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General Discussion / Re: Sanctuary City Mayor Dies
« Last post by angryChineseKahanist on Today at 04:54:55 PM »
Yeah, but Debbie....ah, dang, she's gone again.
The only thing surprising is that this research originates from the leftist Politico.
Saudi sponsored global sunni muslamic army is lead by a pakistani general. Incidentally pakistan is the only muslamic nation that have declared nukes. 
Airborne contaminates are very unhealthy. Indoor air can be much more polluted than outdoor air because of them. One source is dust mites that grow in dust and release spores that cause respiratory illness.

OK now someone else say something that has no relation to the topic and then I'll say something else with equally no relation to it.
Yeah but actually people could scoff at what you say and not be abounding in deception, it's just quite scoffable.
We now see the prophesy of Ezekiel 38 and 39 being drawn together.   God will put a hook in the jaws of Rosh, (Russia)  and the 8 or 9 Islamic nations to drag them into Israel,  there will be a big massacre, and Israel will prevail because of the Power of God.    Israel may be back in its Land,  But it must fight to stay there.    For centuries the Jewish people have waited for the Messiah to come and set up His Kingdom in Israel.  At that time, Israel will receive the Land God promised them in perpetuity.   That is when redeemed Israel will experience the fulfillment of all the promises in the Abrahamic Covenant.  Genesis 12: 1-7 and become the center of Worldwide worship and learning.

Remember,  Satan does not want Jews or Christians to know the Truth,  he will use many people to deceive and push both Christians and Jews away from their destiny with Yeshua.    There will be False Teachers and Scoffers abounding in Deception.
I guess we will see,  Trump is the first President to actually do what the rest of the Presidents claimed they would do and went back on their word.  It takes several years for a move like this.
General Discussion / Re: Sanctuary City Mayor Dies
« Last post by Debbie Shafer on Today at 08:22:53 AM »
There will be alot of things happening in these next months  of 2018 that will knock your socks off.   The Lord is working out his plan, and anyone who gets in the way is toast.
General Discussion / Re: Trumps Jerusalem announcement
« Last post by Debbie Shafer on Today at 08:21:01 AM »
This is biblical, and Historical.    All pieces of the puzzle are being put together, just like the Bible says.  The Lord is bringing the focus to His Holy City.   Jerusalem is the Center of the Universe.  Both the traitorous United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. (UNESCO) and the Security Counsel itself passed resolutions that deny a Jewish connection to Jerusalem.  The resolutions are part of an ongoing anti-Israel propaganda war to rewrite history and promote the narrative that the Temple Mount and adjoining Western Wall are Muslim, not Jewish.

Please Note that by stripping Jerusalem of its Jewish identity, the Un also stripped away Christian History and practice.    These lies involve rewriting History.   The UN is trying to rob the Jewish people of 4000 years of history and to erase 2000 years of Christian History.

The Prophecy of Isaiah 52:13 through 53:12 is the heart of the second part of the book of Isaiah.  Here the Messianic vision reaches its pinnacle.

"Who art thou, O great mountain?"  Zechariah 4:7 This refers to the King Messiah.  And why does he call him "the great mountain?"  Because He is greater than the patriarchs.  As it is said,  "My servant shall be high and lifted up and lofty exceedingly". He will be higher than Abraham, who says, "I will raise high my hand unto the Lord". Genesis 14:22.   Lifted up above Moses, to whom it is said,  "Lift it up into thy blossom". Numbers 11:12. 

The Days are coming when there will be blessing upon blessing.    Arise, Arise;  for your light has come!  And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.    For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,  and deep darkness the people;  but the Lord will arise over you, and His Glory will be seen upon you.   The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of our rising.   Isaiah 60: 1-3.
These are all Allred and Bloom's Bimbos.   They should both be disbarred!
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