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General Discussion / Poor Democrats... everything they've done has backfired
« Last post by briann on February 24, 2018, 10:44:10 PM »

They lost an election they couldnt lose... They lost a sure-thing Supreme Court majority, they've run out of money... and to top it all off....
Trump has a higher approval rating than Obama.


This is too funny.

On Friday, President Trump addressed the largest crowd of conservative activists in the history of CPAC. It was another memorable Trump speech, listing his many accomplishments and encouraging the crowd to support Republican candidates in the mid-term elections. For 80 minutes, the President discussed an array of issues such as tax cuts, judicial appointments, immigration and the strong economy.

To the delight of the crowd, Trump claimed that “we have got seven years to go folks.” Of course, this did not thrill the President’s many enemies in the national news media. MSNBC’s Ali Veshi said the President’s speech was similar to what he has “heard from Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro or Erdogan. President Putin gives something like this every year, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used to give speeches like this.” Both Veshi and his co-host, Stephanie Ruhle claimed that the speech was filled with “lies.” They were also aggravated that the President discussed 31 topics but did not mention Russia. Hey, Ali and Stephanie, since there is no collusion or obstruction of justice, why should he mention a “fake news” story like Russia?

This kind of media abuse directed at the President is nothing new. Ever since Donald Trump officially entered the presidential race on June 16, 2015, the national news media has treated him with total disdain. It has been even worse since he was elected President despite their best efforts. Since that time, liberal cable news outlets like CNN and MSNBC have devoted almost their entire broadcast schedule to attacking his personality, his temperament and his administration’s agenda.

Donald Trump has received the worst media coverage of any President in modern American history. According to a recent study by the Media Research Center, the press coverage of the President by the major broadcast networks has been negative 91% of the time.

With such hatred toward the President, it must be especially upsetting for his critics to see the recent upsurge in his approval rating. In the latest Rasmussen survey, President Trump registered a strong 50% approval rating, his highest level of support since June of last year.

At this point in his administration, Barack Obama had only a 45% approval rating. Incredibly, Trump with almost universal media condemnation is more popular than Obama, who received undying adulation and praise from the press.

The same so-called journalists who idolized Barack Obama have been relentlessly hounding President Trump about non-existent “Russian collusion.” One Trump critic, Jeff Zeleny of CNN, once asked President Obama at a news conference what “enchanted him the most” about the position. This type of fawning behavior was typical of how the media treated Barack Obama. They made obsequious comments and asked President Obama no probing questions that would ever upset him. The lap dog media during the Obama years has become a rabid attack dog media during the Trump administration.

Fortunately, more Americans understand the nature of the liberal mainstream news media. Consequently, millions of Americans are consuming more of their news from other sources such as news websites, talk radio and social media. This is a good development and explains why the President has been able to grow in popularity despite the daily negative media onslaught against him. In contrast, the ratings for CNN have plummeted recently as Americans turn away from their hateful coverage of President Trump.

It also helps that President Trump has an extremely loyal base of supporters who will stand with him no matter what criticism he encounters. This bond was established during the campaign when he stood firm on the key issues and did not back down in the face of unrelenting criticism.

Another major factor in the President's surging popularity is the tax reform bill that passed Congress last December. The bill is associated with President Trump and as more Americans appreciate the many benefits of the bill, his popularity will continue to rise.

The Democrats and the news media denounced the tax cut bill, but Americans are getting raises, and bonuses and are starting to see more money in their paychecks. The reality of their improving financial situation is trumping the “fake news” being delivered by the President's many media critics.

With an improving economy and a rising approval rating for President Trump, the Republicans have a better chance of retaining control of Congress in the mid-term elections. This is news that will not enchant the liberal news media, which will start to wonder why their abusive treatment of the President is not working. Luckily, the American people are starting to understand what the liberal media is all about.
Larry David.

wow, two Larry David votes.   I guess I gotta give 'Curb your Enthusiasm' another look.
General Discussion / Re: Canadian Conservatives Want To Move Embassy To Jerusalem
« Last post by briann on February 24, 2018, 10:22:12 PM »
When Trudeau, who wants to be like the chancellor of Germany and turn Canada into the EU, is out of office, Canada can join the US and move their Embassy to Jerusalem.

AWESOME!!!   Trudeau is such a brainless leftist idiot.  I can't wait for the opposition to come back in to power.
General Discussion / Re: US Embassy To Open On May 14
« Last post by briann on February 24, 2018, 10:15:52 PM »
I'm glad its happening sooner rather than later.   By the way, the decision to accelerate the move is partially politics.  Trump does NOT want to see Netanyahu replaced by an unfriendly leftist, so he wants this done asap... to try and boost his popularity against the corruption charges.

Good article here:
General Discussion / Re: US Embassy To Open On May 14
« Last post by Binyamin Yisrael on February 24, 2018, 08:18:20 PM »
I wonder what will happen to the one in Tel Aviv. Maybe it will be a consulate but it would be too big and cost too much money to operate.

General Discussion / Re: Will someone destroy islam already?
« Last post by syyuge on February 24, 2018, 02:16:32 PM »
Syria war: Air strikes in Eastern Ghouta 'kill 500'

Syrian government forces have killed more than 500 civilians during a week of intense bombardment of a rebel enclave near Damascus, activists say.

The victims in the Eastern Ghouta include 121 children, says the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based group monitoring the conflict.

Syrian government forces backed by Russia have been pounding the area since last Sunday.

The UN Security Council is struggling to agree on a ceasefire resolution.

A vote has been delayed several times since Thursday, and was due to meet on Saturday.

The muslamic terrorist infighting and the Damascus in ruins.
General Discussion / Diaper-heads burn Pampers
« Last post by angryChineseKahanist on February 23, 2018, 04:51:40 PM »
Diaper-heads burn Pampers because there's a picture of a cat and its whiskers look like the name of their cult leader written in Arabic.
General Discussion / Re: US Embassy To Open On May 14
« Last post by Kahane-Was-Right BT on February 23, 2018, 04:20:25 PM »

Yes, indeed it is happening.  Do we need to bump the thread where people who accepted Trump's decision at face value were called idiots?
When Trudeau, who wants to be like the chancellor of Germany and turn Canada into the EU, is out of office, Canada can join the US and move their Embassy to Jerusalem.
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