Author Topic: LOL one of the funniest things - investigateislam obaid karki rivalry  (Read 1298 times)

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Obaid karki responds to investigateislam's criticisms of Islam by accusing him of 'breaking the law' of 'youtube police' for using a public koran website and other ad hominem attacks, while investigateislam has a hilarious running commentary that makes this incredibly funny.  Here is the link:

just a disclaimer if you're a Jew, you probably want to stop the video at about 10 seconds from the end.  He always ends off his videos by saying  _____ is the Lord, Islam is false.   The first part of that is not something a Jew should be listening to videos of and you might find uncomfortable.  I have no idea about halachically speaking but better safe than sorry so I'll put a disclaimer so I'm not liable.
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