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My Idea For Saving Israel
« on: December 06, 2007, 12:01:39 AM »
1. We need to shift power from the Parties to the people by making Keenest Members individually elected by and accountable by the voters in regional elections.

2. Replace the unstable and divisive and corrupt system of multi party cabinet government. With a Presidential system where the cabinet will consist of professionals not rival party leaders from the Keenest in other words. The separation of the Legislative and Executive branch of government

3. Presidential nominations and parliamentary confirmation of Supreme Court judges to make the judiciary more responsible to the Jewish People

4. Abrogation of Oslo elimination of of the Eretz Yisrael Terrorist Authority Annexation of Judea Samaria and the Gaza District. A land act to settle 200,000 Jew in these areas with in 5 years. Relation of certain ministries in these very same areas. And financial incentive to facilitate Arabs Emigration.

5. Enforcement of basic law of the Keenest which prohibits any party negates the Jewish Character of the State of Israel. The Supreme Court has not enforce this basic Law the Supreme Court has violated this law

6. Amendment of the Grandfather clause of the Law of Return to diminish the influx of Non-Jew into the state of Israel. Which will not only stem Israels declining Jewish Majority, But also promote distribution of the Billions of Shekels saved this money can be distributed to Jewish olim and the needy

7. A market economy that allows the workers wages to be supplemented by shares in the workers company elimination of the huge salaries perks of government officials and billions will be saved by making public sector strikes illegal as they are in the United States. This money can be used to reduce poverty which is terrible problem in Israel. As well as improve education and Health Care.

8. Since the eternal ideas values of the Torah constitute the basis of the Jewish State they must also constitute the basis of states educational system supplemented by a solid science curriculum.

9. The continued imprisonment of Israel's agent Johnathon Pollard is a nation disgrace and no one has disgraced them self more then the supreme court on this issue. Here we have man who has served Israel and here we have a man who has been incarcerated for 20 years this is clear violation of simple justice. The government must take serious efforts to bring Johnathon home to Eretz Yisrael.

10. A constitution is needed that facilitates Jewish leadership fosters secular religous harmony and secures civil and religous liberty for most Jewish National Pride and porpoise which is so lacking today in Israel.

Only the Hazit Party has this agenda. We have to challenge all so called Nationalist Parties to adopt this Philosophy. Specifiably Nation Union, Israel Batanu, Likud and the Mony Gut Yihudi Faction, The National Front, Shas, and United Torah Judaism. We need to Challenge them to unite for the purpose of issuing a joint statement having the following 7 points:

1. Constant and strategic as well as religous reasons rejecting any proposal of any surrender part of the Land of Israel to Non Jews.

2. Regent the Idea that Jews can divest themselves of Jewish Land by means of a National Referendum as proposed my many so called "Right Wing" Members of the Keenest.

3. We Demand that the Government abrogate Oslo which has been consistently violated and has resulted in the murder of more than 1500 Jews.

4. We Categorical reject the governments immoral policy of self restraint via the Arab Terrorism. This policy makes the lives of Jews expendable. This policy has allowed Arab Terror to shatter and traumatize the lives of countless Jewish Men Women and Children and make thousands of them homeless. We Therefor Demand that the government uphold a sanctity of Jewish life. And pursue a policy of zero tolerance for Arab Terrorism.

5. We Categorical reject the release of Arab Terrorists which is not only a violation of international law no crime without a punishment, but a violation of justice, reason and honor.

6. We Categorical reject negotiations with the leaders of Arab Terrorists and deam such negotiations not only ignoble and demeaning of Judaism but also self destructive they magnify Arab contempt of Jews and insite further Arab Terrorism.

7. We Demand that the Government stop deceiving the people of Israel of peace and pursue a war winning strategy toward Arab Terrorism hence that it destroy the entire Terrorist Network In Judea Samaria and the Gaza District.

None of the so called nationalist parties deserve the support or trust of the Israel people. They have turned their back on the people is pursuit of Power.
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