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Answers to Ask Yesha – 6 April/2 Nissan (audio download)

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Thank you all for your questions. I hope you find the show useful and informative. It was an absolute privilege and honour to answer all your great questions! This is episode#1 – the very first show.  O0

Show size: 23MB| time: 49 mins.

Download link:

The show can also be downloaded here:

The next show will be, please G-d on 29 April/24 Nisan. A new thread “Ask Yesha, 22 April/2 Nissan” is the place all questions for my audio show.
Look forward :D

-Zev Ben Yisrael

Thanks for creating that mp3 file, great sound quality!

Are there any restrictions in regard to the questions or is open to any field?


--- Quote from: YESHA on March 26, 2008, 08:24:04 AM --- :)I would be open and love to adress or answer any political question - though not Torah-centred. Hope to do my best!

There are no restrictions per se.

Zev :D

--- End quote ---

Here's my question,

Do you think that Exile Jews will make Aliyah in large number without a disaster or drastic rise in anti-semitism?

It's great to see that you've started your own show! What do you think is the best way to appeal to left wingers and liberals to encourage them to see things from our perspective?

We all know that the war against Israel is also a propaganda battle.

Why do you think is Israel so weak in this battle?

Most of the time it seems Israel is not able to show the evil goals and behaviour of groups like Hamas, Fatah, Hisbollah etc.


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