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By Selwyn Duke 

Just recently I wrote a piece about “more” Keith John Sampson, a college student who was charged with “racial harassment” for reading an anti-Ku Klux Klan book. Not surprisingly, the article evoked a great response, including emails from those with their own stories to tell about persecution inspired by what I will call caucaphobia.

A couple of these accounts are so compelling – compared to one even Sampson’s problems pale – that I’ve decided to publish them in this piece (both readers allowed me to use their names; their correspondence has been edited for punctuation, grammar and style). These are the stories the mainstream media won’t tell, straight from the front lines of the culture war. They give voice to a persecution whose name most dare not utter.

First we have Mr. David Gonzalez of Illinois. He wrote:

Dear Mr. Duke,
I can empathize with Mr. Sampson. I’ve been through the same sort of ordeal.  After retiring from the U.S. Navy, I accepted a position with Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry as its Manager of Safety (I’m a safety engineer). After four years there, a female (black-militant) employee noticed my tie bar (Celtic knot-work with the emblem of my Celtic family – despite my Iberian surname, gained by being adopted, my genetic heritage is Scot/Irish) and asked me what it was. Stupidly, I responded, ‘This? Oh, it’s just my clan badge [referring to the Scottish clan from which he was descended].’
I’ll leave it to you to guess what ensued. I’ll tell you this: by the next morning, the rumor that I had been ‘outed’ as a Klansman had spread, like wildfire, through the ranks of the museum’s black employees (~ 60%). Two security officers frog-marched me out of a class I had been teaching (with every black person in the room glaring at me, with utter loathing!) and escorted me to my boss’s office – there to be grilled by him. Later in the day, I was called back in and fired from my position. 

As I said, I can empathize.   

Note that the very people who tout multiculturalism, ethnic sensitivity and tolerance violated the tenets of all three in their names. Not only was no respect shown for Mr. Gonzalez’ display of ethnicity, but he was actually punished for it. That’s what happens when you have the “wrong” ethnic heritage.

But the hypocrisy doesn’t end there. Despite the fact that one of the main links at the museum’s website is labeled “education,” management made no attempt to educate employees who were obviously too ignorant to know what a Scottish clan is and too bigoted to listen to reason. Instead, because of caucaphobia and/or cowardice, Gonzalez’ boss listened to the mob that preferred Barabbas and crucified a good man
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