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Yugoslavia [Serbia] and Its Enemies 1903-1999

From the November 1999 Trumpet Print Edition

How Germany and the Vatican use the European Union and NATO to achieve their historical aims in Yugoslavia [Serbia, Kosovo-Metohija, Republic of Srpska/Bosnia, Krajina]

1903-1918 Austria-Hungary, the last Catholic Empire, in decline. Catholicization of Dalmatia and Slavonia. The creation of “greater Croatia.” The Slav revolution—Serbia as the center of resistance to Austria-Hungary and seen by the Vatican as the westernmost outpost of the hated “schismatic Slavdom.”

“We were escorted by a woman from the U.S. embassy as we flew towards Tuzla. She pointed at all the destroyed villages and exclaimed excitedly, ‘Look at what the criminal Serbs have done.’ In fact they were Bosnian Croat villages ethnically cleansed by the Muslims…. Later (we) visited Mostar where the Croats had virtually destroyed the Muslim sector. The U.S. official cried: ‘Well at least this was done by the criminal Serbs.’ The woman burst into tears when it was pointed out that the Croats had been to blame.”

—General Sir Michael Rose, former UN Military Commander in Bosnia,

The Times, Nov. 10, 1998

1905 The tariff war: Austria-Hungary blockade of Serbia. 1908: Austria-Hungary annexes Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Serbs in Bosnia become victims of cultural and religious persecution. 1909, Zagreb: Austria-Hungary puts Serbs on trial for “high treason.”

“Archduke Franz Ferdinand [of Austria-Hungary] wished to stem the advance of Orthodox Christianity by converting the largest possible number of Serbs to Roman Catholicism. The archduke suggested to Brosch that they should all (i.e. Orthodox, Catholic and Muslims) be dropped into a cauldron and only the Catholics should be allowed to come to the surface.”

—Leopold Lumetzky, Die Aussenpolitik Franz Ferdinands, June 1944, p. 187

1913 Albania was an artificial creation by Germany and Austria-Hungary in order to block Serbia’s access to the Adriatic. (Compare German activities in Albania today, see below.)

Serbian troops are warned by Austria-Hungary and Germany not to pursue the gangs of Albanian terrorists across the border into Albania. (1998 nato, driven by “German Europe,” threatens Serbia for defending its own territory—Kosovo—from where most Serbs [who were the majority] were driven out by the Nazis during the war and by Albanians recently.)

1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated by a Serb in annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina who belonged to a cross-ethnic revolutionary movement for independence from Austria-Hungary.

The pope gives wholehearted support to Austria-Hungary’s attack against Serbia. Croatian and Muslim hooligans embark on mass pogrom against the Serbs throughout Croatia and Bosnia—supported by official propaganda. (1989 President Tudjman of Croatia describes genocide as a “natural phenomenon, it is not only permitted, it is commanded; indeed it is commanded by the Almighty in defense of the only true faith.”)

The Catholic bishops bless the arms of the Croat, Muslim and Slovenian recruits. Dr. Marko Natlacen, prominent Slovenian clerical politician, published a poem, “String up the Serbs.”

1915 Bombardment of Belgrade by German artillery. Four-hundred thousand tons of steel fell on the city in just four days—tens of thousands of Serbs killed. Unsuccessful attempt by the occupying force to convert the Serbian population to Catholicism. (Compare their “success” of force converting 244,000 Serbs between 1941 and 1944!—see below.)

1917 When Catholic Austria-Hungary was evidently about to fall, the Vatican sought to shore up the defenses against Orthodoxy. Bishop Jeglich of Ljubljana and the “Superior General” of the Jesuits, General Halke von Ledochowsky, tried to create a Slav Catholic empire. (The Ledochowsky Plan would become an obsession of Pius XII.) A similar plan was put to Clemenceau in 1918 by Josef Retinger, the Jesuit intriguer and founder of the European movement and the Bilderberg group. For such intrigues, mainly on behalf of the Vatican, Retinger was expelled from Allied countries during the First World War.

1918-1945 Deliberate attempt by the Vatican to prevent creation of the new Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in the new Independent Yugoslavia. (Contrast haste with which the Vatican was the first state to recognize Nazi Germany in the 1930s and Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia in the 1990s!)

1929 Pius XI and Mussolini’s Roman Empire

“Bishops took an oath of allegiance to the fascist dictatorship and the clergy were ordered never to oppose it or incite their flock to harm it. Prayers were said in churches for Mussolini and for fascism. Priests became members of the Fascist Party and were even its officers.”

—A. Manhattan, The Vatican’s Holocaust, 1986

1933 The most Catholic of German governments takes power—Hitler, von Papen, Himmler, Goebbels, Goering.

1934 A Ustasha-trained terrorist assassinates King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in Marseilles. The king had been invited by the French government to discuss a measure for countering the aggressive foreign policy of Nazi Germany.

The rise of clericalism in Yugoslavia

“Franciscan schools in Sinj, Siroki Brijeg and Visoko, seminaries in Makarska, Mostar and Split and the theological faculty in Zagreb were the centers of national consciousness, that is, nests from which flocks of priests and toilers in G-d’s vineyard took off every year as well as flocks of national fighters, teachers of national Ustasha consciousness.”

—Zagreb weekly “The Independent State of Croatia,” 1941, issue 33, p. 42

“Your actions played a significant role in our political struggle.”

—Croatian Fascist leader Ante Pavelic, speech to the representatives of Catholic Action, July 21, 1941

1930s Franz Neuhausen —Germany weaves its intelligence net in Yugoslavia. Exact parallels of Germany’s secret service in 1980s in Yugoslavia preparing the break up with the help of Croat (former Ustasha) émigrés.

1941 Serbs reject Yugoslavia becoming a part of Axis powers. Goebbels’ propaganda blitzkrieg—Serbs accused of pillaging and ethnic cleansing (by Goebbels!). Compare exactly the same methods of “German Europe” in the 1990s.

April 6. Nazi invasion: Belgrade, previously declared an open city, bombed by Luftwaffe; 30,000 civilians die.

April 10. German army enters Zagreb and de facto creates the “Independent State of Croatia,” which became puppet Nazi state ruled by Pavelic and his Ustasha thugs. Unleashed the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century—around one million Serbs murdered between 1941 and 1945.

Jasenovac concentration camp where 700,000 were murdered - 90 percent Serbs, the rest Jews and Roma [Gypsies].

“I must admit that I have been obsessed with the criminal character of the Independent State of Croatia.”

—Simon Wiesenthal, 1990 interview with Yugoslav magazine NIN

"The greatest genocide in World War II in proportion to a nation’s population took place not in Nazi Germany but in the Nazi-created Independent State of Croatia."

—French historian Edmond Paris from “Genocide in Satellite Croatia 1941-1945,” Melbourne, 1981

The Vatican’s role in the forced conversions of Serbs

“Special offices and church committees must be created immediately for those to be converted…. Let every curate remember that these are historic days for our mission and we must under no circumstances let this opportunity pass [i.e. the fascist control of Yugoslavia]. Our work* is legal because it is in accord with official Vatican policy and with the directives of the Saintly Congregation of the Cardinals for the Eastern Church.”

—The apostolic administrator and bishop of Krizevci, Dr. Janko Shimrak (a close colleague of Archbishop Stepinac), from “The Voice of the Archbishopric of Krizevci,” issue 2, 1942 (Stepinac was beatified by the pope in 1998!)

* This “work” consisted of promising terrorized Serbs (often whole villages) that their lives would be spared if they “returned” to the true faith. Mass (forced) conversion “ceremonies” were conducted by Catholic monks accompanied by detachments of heavily armed Ustasha.

“The Papal legate in Croatia, Mgr. Marcone, openly blessed the Ustasha and publicly gave the fascist salute.”

—A. Manhattan, The Vatican’s Holocaust

“In an official document dated as late as May 8, 1944, His Eminence Archbishop Stepinac, head of the Catholic hierarchy (in Nazi Croatia) informed the Holy Father that to date ‘244,000 Orthodox Serbs have been converted to the Church of G-d.’”

—A. Manhattan, The Vatican’s Holocaust

“The Schism (the Orthodox Church) is Europe’s greatest curse, almost greater than Protestantism. It knows no morals, principles, truth, justice or decency.”

—Diaries of Archbishop Stepinac, vol. 4, p. 176, entry March 28, 1941

1990s Break up of Yugoslavia into ethnic groups—same as under the Nazis, where the Yugoslavs were split into about 12 different racial and religious states. The German Waffen SS divisions were organized according to such racial and ethnic diversions and included: Handzar, the Bosnian Muslims; Kama, the Croats; Skenderbeg, Albanians; and Prinz Eugen, Yugoslavia’s ethnic Germans—exactly the same groups supported by German Europe today.

“More recently a Handzar [SS] division surfaced under the operational control of the Bosnian government. One of its duties is to protect President Izetbegovic.”

—Ivan Avakumovic, “The Bully on the Block: American Policy in the Former Yugoslavia,” 1996

The Vatican and its “ratlines”

“I gather that…some arrangement has been worked out with the Vatican and Argentina…protecting not only Quislings but also those guilty of terrible crimes committed in Yugoslavia. I presume we must protect our agents even though it disgusts me…we are conniving with the Vatican and Argentina to get guilty people to haven in the latter country.”

—John Moors Cabot, U.S. Ambassador to Belgrade, June 1947 (From Ratlines)

Waldheim was the first statesman to be visited by the newly elected leaders of Croatia and Bosnia in 1990. In 1942 he was awarded one of the highest Croatian decorations—the “Zvonimir Medal with Oak Leaves” by Ante Pavelic, the Croatian fascist leader. (Recently awarded to and foolishly accepted by Lady Thatcher.)

1948 Yugoslav government named Waldheim as a war criminal. He was never prosecuted. Despite the opposition of the World Jewish Congress, Waldheim became secretary general of the UN and then chancellor of Austria.

“Waldheim is usually the only guest at the fund raiser for Friends of the Waffen SS.”

—The Observer Magazine, Aug. 19, 1988

“During his frequent summer holidays in Austria, Kohl often met Waldheim privately.”

—Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Mar. 29, 1992

1994 The Pope awards Waldheim the highest decoration of the Roman Catholic Church.

1945-1999 The conspiracy of silence—the campaign by the Vatican to exonerate Pius XII and Cardinal Stepinac (the leading Catholic figure in Ustasha-ruled Croatia) to suppress the truth about fascist Croatia and the role of the Vatican—continues today.

Early 1960s German Secret Service starts gradual process of infiltrating and undermining the state of Yugoslavia.

1981 German Intelligence Service war against Yugoslavia enters a new aggressive phase with the appointment of Klaus Kinkel as director general.

1989 The fall of the Berlin Wall—the rise of the European empire—based on the mythology of Charlemagne (crowned in Rome C.E.  800) and the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation” (for example, the European Union’s “Charlemagne Prize”).

“Germany’s pro-Croat policy was heavily influenced by Croats who voted in Germany and who had hitherto preferentially voted for Genscher’s Liberal Party (fdp).”

—The Rt. Hon. David Owen

1990 The destruction of Yugoslavia

Germany, Belgium and Austria arm and support the Croatian and Slovenian separatists. Zagreb pop song “Danke Deutschland.” Jasenovac Memorial—Tudjman’s attempt to re-write history.

Britain gives way to German pressure to recognize Croatia and Slovenia—the “Maastricht Trade-off” see Owen, Kaufman. A good example of how “German Europe” (by binding Britain into economic dependence on European treaties) has fatally weakened British power to pursue traditional “balance of power” policies in Europe.

1993 Rudolf Augstein, editor of the “liberal” German weekly Der Spiegel, calls for “the decimation of the Serb civilian population.” Germany’s effective takeover of Albania. Germany a haven for Kosovo Liberation Army members. Otto von Habsburg calls for the bombing of Belgrade.

Croatia becomes an ethnically pure state for Croats instead of Serbs and Croats (who both speak Serbo-Croat!). Tudjman declares Croatian Serbs an alien minority:

“The first refugees in the Yugoslav conflict were the 40,000 Serbs who fled Croatia after a constitutional amendment defined them as an alien minority”Simon Wiesenthal, reported by Reuters.

1995 Operation “Storm” —NATO-aided expulsion of up to 500,000 Serbs from the Krajina. Vatican success in removing Orthodox “wedge” from Catholic Central Europe.

“Washington gives tacit support to Croat attack.”

—The Times, Aug. 4, 1995

The Islamic Attack on Yugoslavia

“There can be no peace or co-existence between the Islamic faith and non Islamic institutions…. The Islamic movement must and can take power as soon as it is morally and numerically strong enough, not only to destroy the non-Islamic power but to build up a new Islamic one…. Turkey, as an Islamic country, used to rule the world. Turkey as an imitation of Europe, represents a third rate country.”

—Alija Izetbegovic (now president of Bosnia), The Muslim Declaration, Sarajevo, 1969

1995 The Bosnian Muslim bombing of their own people in the market place of Sarajevo in order to try to blame the Serbs (later revealed by the UN as a well-constructed lie) which led to a nato ultimatum and subsequent bombing of Serbs.

Kosovo from 1996 [onwards]: German civil and military intelligence trained and equipped the [Albanian]Kosovo Liberation Army, harbored the so-called government of the “Kosovo Republic in exile” in Germany, set up one of its largest secret service stations in the Albanian capital Tirana, selected recruits for the kla command structure, supplied communications equipment and weapons and smuggled weapons from the former East Germany into Kosovo.

By accepting “German Europe’s” (and the bbc’s) propaganda about Yugoslavia the foreign office, the U.S. government and the British press in general have turned our historical enemies into friends and historical allies into enemies. We thereby attack national democracies, enhance the power of the new Eurostate and break non-racial nations into many racial or religious states—just as the Nazis did. The recent history of Yugoslavia is the clearest and most extreme example of Europe’s return to the worst days of the 1930s and 1940s. Yugoslavia’s enemies are also Britain’s enemies—then as now.
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You are really good at this and i thank you for it.

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