Author Topic: JTF Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach Is Interviewed On Arutz Sheva's Tamar Yonah Show!!  (Read 4271 times)

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JTF Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach Is Interviewed On Arutz Sheva's Tamar Yonah Show By Malka Fleisher On December 3, 2006

Chaim answers questions about JTF's predictions of the World Trade Center Arab Muslim Nazi terrorist attacks in 1993 & 2001.

Chaim responds to the Jew-hating conspiracy theories that try to take the blame away from the Muslim Nazi perpetrators of 9/11.

Chaim also discusses his heroic historic achievement in freeing over 1 Million Jews from the Soviet Union in the late 1980's.

Chaim discusses the Arabic run polls showing the vast majority of Arabs say they want to permanently leave the state of Israel.

Chaim also explains the real reasons why he was barred from entering Eretz Yisrael by the Israeli Bolshevik establishment...

3 Part JTF Video Presentation by yours truly - 4International [Joshua]:

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

[Part 3]

[PS: My apologies for disabling the ratings but my channel has been under attack by Bolshevik Leftists [Yariv Oppenheimer's Peace Now gang of kapos], muslim Nazis, Croat & Albanian Nazis and other assorted orangutans and primates on Zootube. However PLEASE support these JTF videos by commenting on them, Favoriting and Sharing all 3 with your friends and family members. G-d Bless all of you.]

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