Author Topic: Ask JTF For Motza'ei Shabbat, September 30, moved up a day due to Yom Kippur.  (Read 16529 times)

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  • homosexuality is an abomination to God-Lev.18:22

What is JTF's position about "Universal Health Care"?  What kind of health care system does Israel follow?  In 3rd world countries organ stealing gang takes advantage of "Universal Health Care" and steals body parts from innocent villagers in government controlled hospitals.  If that demon-possessed dominant lesbian gets elected as the president of the United States (God forbid) do you think she would enforce "Universal Health Care" nationwide?

Toda Raba!

Christian Zionist
P.S. You are really a Prophet in our generation!
Isaiah 62:1 -  For Zion's sake I am not silent, And for Jerusalem's sake I do not rest, Till her righteousness go out as brightness, And her salvation, as a torch that burns.

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You have said a individual such as the self hating deplorable,despicable,dreadful,detestable,disgusting and depraved Gary Ackerman should be assigned eternally to a very dark and hot place.

Reformed Rabbis say there is no such thing as heaven and hell.  That these are Gentile concepts.  Should righteous Jews believe in heaven and hell?

Thanks and may g-d bless JTF and it's followers.