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Shavua Tov, Gmar Chatima Tova, VeTzom Kal!

I propose October 1's Ask JTF program be moved up a day due to Erev Yom Kippur. The final decision is up to Chaim. He could postpone it to Motza'ei Yom Kippur, Monday, October 2.

Thank you for answering my question about updating the site on Yom Tov. Is the webmaster a Noahide? Why did the he used to sign the webpage with the Hebrew name of Aryeh Ben Moshe if he isn't Jewish? What is his English name? Also, you said not all Jews will have a place in The World To Come. Then why do Chazal say all Israel have a place in The World To Come? In Judaism, Hell (Gehenom) is a cleansing place where Jewish souls go to for up to 11 months only where they are purified before going to Olam HaBa. Righteous Gentiles go directly to Olam HaBa.

My main question is about Ethiopian Jews. You commented on how Arab facial features are today black. Ethiopian Jews and even Ethiopian goyim today have white facial features but black skin, the opposite of Arabs. How do you account for this? How do you believe Ethiopian Jews became black? Are they converts? Did their skin evolve after being in the hot African Sun for a long time? Was there mixing? I know you attribute this mixing in other Jews due to rape. I think Ashkenazic Jews evolved to have lighter skin from being in Northern climates while Yemenite Jews evolved to have darker skin after being in a more Southern climate. Ethiopian Jews evolved to have black skin. I think all the original Jews looked like Iraqi Jews because Abraham was from Iraq and The Iraqi Jewish Community was the oldest Diaspora community and in close proximity to Israel and had little mixing.

Also, why was the curse on Canaan applied to Kush and therefore all Kushim when Kush wasn't from Canaan but was his brother? Also, the Africa series says that Ethiopia was all white. Why then does Kushi (From Kush, the name of Ancient Ethiopia.) today mean Negro, the racial name in Hebrew for all racial blacks?. I say racial blacks because Ethiopian Jews are Caucasian blacks with black skin. I have observed the same Caucasian facial features in Ethiopian goyim too. Ethiopians don't have the traditional large African noses and lips and don't have the bushy hair.

I believe that Kush was white and then his descendants mixed with the Pre-Adamic and Pre-Noahide hominids in Africa because I mix Creation with Science. Adam was the first human with a soul. He was white and was created at the time of the beginning of white civilization in Mesopotamia. In the meantime, the black primitives were still hominids until they were made spiritually Bnei Adam by Adam's creation. Adam's creation is what gave all the former hominids free will and the ability to choose between good and evil. That is why we believe it is black culture that is the problem and not their race. Race stopped being an issue in determining intelligence when Adam was created.

How do you reconcile Creation with Science?

Also, how did the Bnei Menashe Jews from India get to have Oriental eyes? Did they evolve too or was there mixing?

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Re: Ask JTF For Broadcast of Motza'ei Rosh Hashana, September 24.
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Hi Chaim,
No time to say much before Yom Tov but please check out
Someone there told me to pass this on.

Below is the text pasted by Yacov Menashe, the one who told Ben Plonie to post this idea here. 

Here is an idea I have tried shopping around. If you want to call me a crackpot, go ahead, but first give it a chance.

I used to be in favor of the Two-State Solution. That is, a State of Israel and a State of Judea in the East Bank of Western Israel, plus the Gaza District of Judah in the absence of any other legitimate claiming authority. But honestly, the time of the Two Kingdoms realy sucked. Why go back to that? Why not go back to the Golden Age of our people?

So now I favor the re-establishment of Twelve semi-autonomous States corresponding to the original Israelite tribal lands, with a Federal entity to be known as the United States of Israel (USI) responsible for common legal, criminal and security administration issues. In fact, I would extend the re-districting for the sake of discussion from the Nile to the Euphrates. The Arabs think that is what the lines on the flag are for, so why waste our energy denying it? It is a Golden Opportunity to move in the direction outlined in Devarim and Yehoshua? That is the spirit of Zionism,isn't it? And where are we going to put the thirty million Israelites who will be coming home?

It is understood that some portions of the Twelve States will be inaccessable until the geopolitical adjustments to be made by Hashem at the conclusion of Galus, but the maps can certainly be drawn up now. In the way of Rav Meir David we should be unafraid to take a cue from the enemy. That's right, the enemy has a fantastic advantage in moral and oral clarity, as long as they don't mind lying. We can take great lessons from the statements of Hamas. We can use the salami technique, we can divide and conquer, we can eat the Medinah in administrative chunks and launch new administrative assaults from any land we conquer.

Why is the State of Judea having such a hard time getting off the ground? Because Israel wants to be the only Jewish State, and as we know its internal enemies want not even that, just a modern 'Palestine'. But if Israel is one state, (and there is an attraction to that), then theoretically it doesn't matter how big or small it is, or whether it has a relationship to Eretz Yisroel.

But is Israel is Eretz Yiroel, then the "West Bank' and Gaza to the Nile are in the great State of Yehudah, the East Bank to the Euphrates is comprised of the great States of Reuven, Gad, and half of Menashe, Golan is the great State of Dan, Lebanon to the Litani is comprised of the great States of Asher and Naphtali. This puts into perspective the unfinished business we have with these places. With this attitude we would have said to Hizbollah - 'Go ahead - make our day! We're taking our football and going home, and we'll start by renaming Bint Jebail to Bint Goldwasser and the Ltani to the Regev. With that attitude we would move our fence ten kilometers further for every missile, mortar, bullet, rock or spitball that comes our way. You piss us off, we confiscate the land. Because the Arabs don't care about losing missiles, people, babies or houses. All replacable. They only care about land, and we are dicking around if we deal in anything else.

This infrastructure will enable a smooth transition to the return of the Ten lost Tribes to their proper original aboriginal native traditional indigenous ancient sacred eternal inheritance in the end times of which these are a beginning.

This will also provide an increased outlet for the political energy and talent of the Jewish people, with expanded opportunities for industrial and land development. It will provide for clearer democratic expression for a diverse population.

And best of all, the name United States of Israel will be unbearably annoying to the Smolanim and other anti-semites.

But what about the democratic state of its citizens? No problemo. All of this democracy is just for internal use, as an interim measure until Moshiach. But the model for Israel even now cannot be a pure Western Democracy. The model for Israel as a whole is that of a Jewish reservationas for the Indians. Now we know very well that a bunch of white people could not move onto an Indian reservation, become citizens and outvote the Indians!  The nature of a reservation is that it is out of the game, off the table, non-nnegotialble and not for sale, protected by host law, in this case international. In fact, that was the whole point of the League of Nations mandate that was universally recognized in its day even by the Arabs until England through its Jewish poodle hired the Osama bin Ladin of his day, the poisonous Mufti to destroy the Jewish impediment to the Iraq-Haifa oil pipeline and concocted the first Judenrein spot on Earth, Ever HaYarden to us.
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  • I love our Yesha residents - Judea & Samaria.
Shalom Chaim I would appreciate if you can answer for all of us this: the evil Israeli Bolshevik authorities continue to bar you from the country – do you have any legal standing to fight this? Can we do anything? Why are they doing this? Are Israeli authorities making "excuses" by going back to your history — with the justifiable bombings — or are they really aiming at your dissident Kahanist—orientated activities? How can we make an impact on this injustice? And when were you last in Israel – not when you were stopped at the airport? 10 years ago? Sorry for so many interlinked questions. I think my questions are similar but diffrent - to Kahane Loyalist’s a short while back.  Happy New Year! Thank you. Yasher KACH.

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  • I love our Yesha residents - Judea & Samaria.
Here it is again - I didn't think the Orange colour would be so diffuclt to read: Shalom Chaim I would appreciate if you can answer for all of us this: the evil Israeli Bolshevik authorities continue to bar you from the country – do you have any legal standing to fight this? Can we do anything? Why are they doing this? Are Israeli authorities making "excuses" by going back to your history — with the justifiable bombings — or are they really aiming at your dissident Kahanist—orientated activities? How can we make an impact on this injustice? And when were you last in Israel – not when you were stopped at the airport? 10 years ago? Sorry for so many interlinked questions. I think my questions are similar but diffrent - to Kahane Loyalist’s a short while back.  Happy New Year! Thank you. Yasher KACH.


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Dear Chaim,

Thank you for answering our questions.  It is a wonderful treasure.

How do you feel about Jackie Mason the comedian and David Horowitz the political commentator?

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Hi Chaim

Have you always believed in God or did some event or set of reasoning give you the basis for that belief in God ?

As a Gentile I see the USA as my main place of concern (hence: GTF = Gentile Task Force). I care deeply about Israel too and I also recognise Israel as the homeland for the Jews.

So the question is - How do we save America providing we had enough funding ?

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. This time you take for us will be worth it. You are reaching some of us who might in the near future be in a position to start implementing what needs to be done to save America and Israel. God willing.
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Hello Chaim,

And thank you for answering the questions I give each week. 

Asking you from a Catholic to a Jew as you know the thing with the Pope and the Muslim pigs and another reason for them to show their ignorance savage behavior that they been burning churches down and shooting a 60 year old Italian nun but once again there is back peddling to try to "calm" the Muzzies.  I would like to get your thoughts about this issue being that I am Catholic what do you think about this whole issue?

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Dear Chaim,
        I am a college students in queens, recently our hillel invited gadi goldwasser, brother of kidnapped soldier ehud goldwasser. I cannot describe the emotional impact on my fellow students and I, and our rage at the fact that his brother and eldad regev have not even gotten help from the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS, which is so adament in "monitoring" the conditions of arab prisoners in israeli jails, while they have done nothing to find out the conditions of our soldiers. So me and my friends have decided we must take an iniative to keep their names in the media, and g-d willing have them come home. i know this i idealistic, but they deserve that much from their fellow jews.I was hoping to get your opinion on whther you think it is a worthy cause. But were not sure what is the best method for this righteous cause.  Since rabbi kahane was known for publicizing the plight of soviet jews, what steps do you think we should take:

1. should we protest the lebanese, syrian or iranian embassies (or other places you think would better our cause) ?

2. What can we do, or what methods did the jdl use to attract the major news media?

3. should we attempt a boycott of these previously mentioned countries?

If you have any other suggestions THAT YOU THINK ARE NECESSARY they would greatly be appreciated, since  i am an amatuer at this so i may not be asking the most crucial questions. Thanks
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Did you ever train or visit the JDL training camps in the Catskills?  If so, is that where you learned to handle/build explosives?

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Dear Chaim,

I always appreciate your knowledge and guts ;D, so I have a tough question for you:

It's obvious that blacks in America and Africa have a very inferior level of culture and civilization. You often say that they're wildly jealous of whites -- and I agree. But isn't it a fact that this isn't just a product of nurture and environment but also of nature and genetics? Charles Murray, who wrote The Bell Curve in 1995, seems to think so -- and he's the most brave and honest person I know on this subject. For almost 100 years blacks have tested 15 IQ points, or one standard deviation, below whites -- whether in America or Africa, and on all different kinds of IQ tests. Doesn't science, history, everyday experience, and common sense argue strongly that blacks are genetically and intellectually inferior to whites? 

Thanks a lot!

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שלום חיים, אני כותב בעברית מכיוון שקשה לי מאוד עדיין לבטא את עצמי באנגלית אבל כשאתה מדבר באנגלית אני מבין אותך לכן אני מקווה שתצליח לתרגם את ההודעה שלי ואין לי בעיה עם כך שאתה תענה עליה באנגלית (למען דוברי האנגלית בלבד) מכיוון שאני אבין את התשובות.

זאת פעם ראשונה שאני כותב לך והצטברו אצלי המון שאלות, בתוכנית הזאת אני אשאל רק כמה כי אני מבין שאתה לא יכול לענות על הכל בבת אחת:

א) האם אתה מכיר את יקותיאל בן יעקב? אני מאמין שכן, הוא טוען שהוא כהניסט כמובן יש לו גם תוכנית שבועית באתר שלו "קול יהודה" והוא תומך בהקמת מדינת יהודה לצד מדינת ישראל, האם שמעת על הרעיון הזה? מה דעתך עליו? ומה היתה דעת כהנא עליו?

ב) לאחר רצח הרב מאיר כהנא זצ"ל למה נעשה הפירוק בין כ"ך לכהנא חי? באיזו תנועה מבניהם תמכתה? מה ההבדלים בין 2 התנועות?

ג) למה בדף שבעברית התאריך של התוכניות מצוין בתאריך לועזי ולא עברי?

ד) אולי היה כדאי ועכשיו כדאי להוריד את עיניין "מדינת הלכה" מן המצע של התנועה הכהניסטית?

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Re: Ask JTF For Motza'ei Shabbat, September 30, moved up a day due to Yom Kippur
« Reply #11 on: September 27, 2006, 05:56:52 PM »
Shalom Chaim and thank you for your hardwork and answering my questions.

My question this week deals with RFID's, which are Radio Frequency Identification chips that are currently put on all animals and merchandise in the US to keep track of them. Recently Homeland Security issued a report stating that in the future the only way to stop what they call "terrorism" (but we know it to be Islam) is to put RFID chips on everyone and track them non-stop. Civil Libertarians reject this for the concern of privacy, and many religious Christans have called RFID chips the "mark of the beast" from Revelation 13:16-18. What are you personal opinions on having people mircochipped and would you acquiesced if the US government began implanting chips into people?
“You must accept the truth from whatever source it comes”- Maimonides

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Re: Ask JTF For Motza'ei Shabbat, September 30, moved up a day due to Yom Kippur
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Shalom and חג שמח

Could you elaborate on the subject of a jewish halakhist state which kahanists would install if they rise to power in Israel?

more specifically:

What would be the consequence of such state to non observant jews, gentiles, all sort of neotraditionalist movement such as deformed and conserved judaism, what civil liberties, human and religious rights that america's constitution professes, are inconsistent with halakha,if any? Are you going to have state-run 'Modesty Police' and modesty rules? would the state law enforce shabat observance on all residents?

would you abolish elections,  or speration of powers?

Would you insist that the Islamic mosques be removed and the 3rd temple be erected, would gentile tourists be admitted to the site, and would they be able to practice their religion there?

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Dear Chaim,
        Thank you for answering my questions last week.

My question for this week is why do you think some secular Jews are Kahanists and some are filled with self-hate and desire to assimilate with anti-Jewish cultures?
"For it is through the mercy of fools that all Justice is lost"


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dear chaim i am from new york but my family is from the south. suprisingly even though they are not religious they tend to be conservative. my family likes oklahomas senator jim inholfe what do you think about him 

shana tova

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Chaim, what is your opinion of The Last King of Scotland?  It's a film about a bleeding-heart liberal from Scotland who volunteers to work at a medical clinic in Uganda, and ends up being an assistant for dictator Idi Amin.
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That the heritage they gave us
For our children yet may be:
Bondsmen only to the Highest
And before the whole world free.
As our fathers trusted humbly,
Teach us, Lord, to trust Thee still:
Guard our land and guide our people
In Thy way to do Thy will.

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Re: Ask JTF For Motza'ei Shabbat, September 30, moved up a day due to Yom Kippur
« Reply #16 on: September 27, 2006, 10:28:38 PM »
Dear Chaim,

Thank you for your comments last week on my post.  My question is about the word 'goy'.  I have read that it is a Hebrew word that originally meant 'cattle' and that it later became an insulting term for Gentiles.  This was quite troubling.  However I later came across a reference to the Jewish people as 'goy gadol' which was translated as a 'high people'.  I already knew that the phrase 'kohen gadol' means 'high priest'.  Therefore I suppose that 'goy' might actually mean 'people'.  Which meaning is correct?

Regards from Noahide.

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Re: The Mets
« Reply #17 on: September 28, 2006, 12:35:29 AM »
I personally never understood the mentality of people who become sports fanatics.  This obsession with hitting a ball seems ridiculous to me.

Sure I played baseball when I was a kid, but I never enjoyed watching other people play.

Now when the sports teams are so overwhelming black and Third World, the whole thing just annoys me. 

The sports world turns retarded black criminals, rapists, murderers and beasts into heroes.

Why would people allow themselves to waste such a large portion of their lives following these games with such great interest?  It's just ridiculous.

People should participate in sports for their health because playing is good exercise.  But to make it something so important?

As far as Jews who become athletes, generally speaking, they are opportunistic egotists who would sell their mothers to get ahead or to win a game.  These are certainly not role models.

The opening post here says that if the Mets win, it will take us to the promised land. 

Really?  How is the world going to be a better place if the Mets win?  How will the Mets winning the World Series change the life of the poster in a real way?

The establishment that is destroying America and Israel uses these stupid games to dumb us down. 

No matter who wins the World Series, the people who waste so much of their lives worrying about this nonsense are the big losers.

I agree with you on some points, but sport is one of the few bonds males have today. I don't know. I guess I'm just a deluded simpleton.

To answer your question patches: Rav Meir Kahane, zt"l, was a Giants fan and a huge sports fan.


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בנושא שידורי הימ
« Reply #18 on: September 28, 2006, 06:05:59 AM »
בתוכנית של יום שלישי בתאריך 31.9 חיים בן פסח עומד לקבל רייטינג-ענק,
אני מבקש להעביר לו את הדברים הללו .


בברכה, וצום קל, מנהל פורום חזית יהודית לאומית


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« Reply #19 on: September 28, 2006, 07:18:37 PM »
i don't mean to be rude but how does chaim make anymoney if jtf donations go to the hilltop youth

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Re: Ask JTF For Motza'ei Shabbat, September 30, moved up a day due to Yom Kippur
« Reply #20 on: September 28, 2006, 11:09:50 PM »

It is an honor to write to you.  I've been a faithful listener since January 2001 and have saved every show since then.  Is it possible to get older shows?  Perhaps you could post them on one of the many file-sharing sites on the Internet.  Or perhaps sell collections (CDs) with the RealAudio files.

Have you considered sharing the videos of your shows on YouTube or Google Video?  I would love to see one.  I do not live in New York and I don't want to die without ever having seen the great Chaim Ben Pesach in action!

Finally, what publications do you recommend in terms of newspapers or magazines about events in Israel?  Please note that I am a gentile and do not read Hebrew and I'm sure that narrows the selection considerably.

Chaim, although I am not a Jew, the steadfast commitment of you and the Kahanist movement has deepened my own faith.  I don't think you could do what you do day in and day out for year after year without God's backing and strength, and so to see you and the Kahanists carry on is a POWERFUL TESTAMENT to God's strength!  God bless.

The administration has pasted below another post by Drew since Chaim is the one who can answer these questions.

I'm just curious if JTF has ever thought about pursuing 503(c) status with the IRS, either for JTF proper or for the VJA.

Donations to 503(c) organizations are tax exempt.  Also, if your company gives to United Way, you can direct your funds to any 503(c) organization.  Plus most company match - so for example, if JTF or VJA was 503(c), I could give to it through my United Way at work and my employer would match my donation 50%!

And of course if it was tax deductible, you might attract larger donations.
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Why is learning Talmud and about how oxen gore other oxen so important?

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Hi Chaim,

Really appreciate your taking the time to answer our questions.

In answering my question last week, you stated that neo-Nazis would hate Jews even if all Jews were right wingers.  This is really hard for me to believe.  It’s completely counter-intuitive to what I’ve read on neo-Nazi websites.  It’s always the multiculturalist leftist Jew they target.  I would think the neo-Nazis would welcome a site like JTF, despite it being Jewish.

Anyway, I got a hint of your explanation but am still not convinced. Could you please elaborate further since I do agree with your opinion on most issues?  Thanks.

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Hello Chaim, and good day to you.

There is another show on QPTV hosted by a 'Rabbi Morderchai Friedman' who seems to echo a lot of your sentiments, in fact, judging by his delivery and verbiage I'd be shocked if he hasn't watched and been influenced by your programs to some degree.   If you're aware of this Rabbi and the programs, what are your thoughts and have you worked with him?
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Re: Ask JTF For Motza'ei Shabbat, September 30, moved up a day due to Yom Kippur
« Reply #24 on: September 29, 2006, 08:40:21 PM »
If you were allowed into Israel and you get several seats, who would you appoint as the "New Kahane"?
He should be an American "Kahane".

PS  That clown Michael the Savage claims that he's the one who killed the Dubai deal.  Also, a caller told him that some group claims he imitates them. I wonder what group that would be...Pathetic how he parrots you!

I think that does damage because that makes it more difficult for you to gain national attention.  He turns your sensible messages into mindless, wild, fanatic screams. I want to smack him accross the street everytime he pretends to be enraged.
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