Author Topic: JTF This Week: Parashat Truma - giving; Trump attacks everyone but Russia  (Read 934 times)

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Please publicize this important video everywhere possible.

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Re: JTF This Week: Parashat Truma - giving; Trump attacks everyone but Russia
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2018, 01:38:37 AM »
Since Barack Obama and Hillary colluded with Russia, committed TREASON in giving away the most sensitive nuclear technologies TO RUSSIA (as well as China), gave 20% of our Uranium  in the USA TO RUSSIA (as well as made unreported mining concessions to RED China, in Oregon for example, as well as the Harry Reid Nevada BLM land grants TO RED CHINA), and funded and created a new Al Qaeda in ISIS to kill hundreds of thousands of Christians in a Middle East purge as well as to attack Syria, where the hell is YOUR outrage on Obama and Hillary, and any thankfulness that Trump has in recognizing Jerusalem and his trying to NOT engage in a war in the Ukraine and in Scandinavia with Russia, as Hillary would have done, and LOST us a whole freakin' war on some neo-Nazi Ukraine regime support, it potentially being a NUCLEAR exchange? 

In the past few years, yes, I realize that Harriman and Harriman and Prescott Bush were likely involved with the Fourth Reich Nazis in their 600 - 700 front companies from 1942 ff, and that Bush Sr. since the 1980s is the American Nazi Fuhrer-substitute for the intelligence crime syndicate that he and his upper family and the Clintons are intimately a part of, especially the illegal drug trade to the USA , and ownership of the continental deep earth supply of the greatest reservoir of water in South America.   Obama was never actually POTUS under the Constitution of the USA, NOT being a United States Natural Born Citizen with sole USA citizenship at birth and 100% natural allegiance to the USA ONLY at birth. 

I do criticize Trump when it calls for it, and severely distrust his Soros allied traitor son-in-law Jared.  But at least I have the intelligence to NOT be a traitor to the Constitution of the USA as YOU were behaving as when you idiotically were in supporting a foreign alien citizen at birth like  Rafael "Ted" Cruz, who if someone up and shot the guy during the campaign, they would have had a constitutionally legitimate legal argument to have assassinated the foreign scum and gotten off with a matter of months in jail for taking out a FOREIGNER AT BIRTH  who waited almost until he decided to run to finally give up his foreign birth citizenship in Canada?  Oh yeah...YOUR track record on Presidential politics....huh?   

Do us a favor and stick to the issues on Trump, rather than pushing just more of the same irrational and mentally unbalanced Trump derangement syndrome that you apparently are guilty of having (as what, a former never Trumper or something?) and having a need to invert and project on most anybody who supports Trump.    He has many problems, but at least (unlike Obama) he is NOT Islamicizing the Federal Government, not subverting the security and finances of the United States, and promotes the rights of those who are citizens and the freedom and rights of we who are Christians or you who are Jews ...or don't you even CARE about that part? 

In the short game, defeating ISIS with Russia's help, helps.  But Russia's role in building Iranian nuclear power plants via Rosatom, which Hillary indirectly got $102,350,000 from, in which both she and Obama committed TREASON for payoffs...where's the send them BOTH to Prison, have them tried by the Feds and executed by the Feds speedily when found guilty verbiage from you at?  Just curious.

As for the Temple part of your video, I have previously  donated to the Temple Institute in Jerusalem and have a membership in the first literal few thousand there.  Maybe you can address the temple Institute as worthy to receive annual donation 3 times a year from those who are Jewish, even if  a half day's wage or something representative of the half-shekel?