Author Topic: JTF This Week: 3 more Jews murdered because of left-wing Netanyahu regime  (Read 927 times)

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Please publicize this important video everywhere possible.

The program is 25 minutes this week.

Video version on YouTube:

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Great video
Israeli's need to get Chaim in Israel and soon as possible

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There is no doubt Chaim Ben Pesach would be the PM is he ran for PM in Israel.
Thats why Likud and Labor have banned him

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There is no doubt Chaim Ben Pesach would be the PM is he ran for PM in Israel.
Thats why Likud and Labor have banned him

Pushing this line makes people distrust you. No one trusts someone who wants power. It doesn't matter what you think you'll be. I don't want to give you the info on what it takes to start and maintain a political party and make a point with it, so just bottom line focus on goals that are closer to home.

If JTF's message was regularly broadcast to citizens of Israel, they wouldn't tolerate a Bibi. It isn't that Bibi is the worst person and Chaim is the best person. It's that Bibi is a leftist like every other Likudnik and there are many right wing people like Chaim that would do an infinitely better job.

If you put "Chaim PM" as the goal of a social movement, one that doesn't give its members anything to do other than like and share, you look like a joke to everyone else. It's like Rubio who won't stop saying "when I am president". You want to tell him to calm down a bit there.

How about a real dream on every post he makes, instead of a pipe dream, as much as he may find it flattering, like a daily news broadcast to Israel. It can be on an internet radio even. But a daily news source with a steady viewership, and then we can make goals for more viewership and such. Instead of making a huge goal that you will fail a thousand times before you achieve (great for playing the victim, not great for accomplishing anything) how bout a small one, and then we can think about the next goal when we do something at all. It's a great excuse to do nothing and feel great that you're in a movement that will elect the next Israeli prime minister, but if I were Chaim, I would ask people to devote their energy to somewhere besides delusions of grandeur.
The fear of the L-rd is the beginning of knowledge

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The goal is obvious the ptb  gives off an aroma/sense of insecurity and in all logic nobody expects a legimitate government to work against his Jewish citizens but that is the case nonetheless. The word aroma fits perfectly as there is an undefined  sense of malevolence directed toward innocent population  but noone can definitely point out where where it comes from and noone in his right mind would suspect the authority of his own country to make unlawful self defense!

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Israeli high court supports, aids abets, Arab genocidal terrorism against innocent Jews.
'I tried Elad, I hope you're proud of me'
Widow of Elad Salomon writes heart-wrenching post about what she has undergone in the months since the Neve Tzuf massacre.
Contact Editor Ben Ariel, 25/03/18

Michal Salomon, whose husband Elad was murdered in last July’s terrorist massacre in Neve Tzuf, together with his father Yosef and his sister Chaya, on Saturday night published a heart-wrenching post in which she recalled what she and her children have gone through in the eight months that have passed since the attack.

Salomon expressed anger at the Supreme Court’s decision from last week to reject the petition calling for the demolition of the home of the murderer.

"Eight months of crazy longing for daddy Elad, of painful longing for my beloved, of daily difficult coping, of uncontrollable weeping, of an empty chair at the table, of an empty cold bed, of cries of ‘daddy’ that are not answered, of pictures that I take and have no one to show to, of incessant mental pain, in which all our hearts are burning from within," she described.

Salomon blasted the decision of the justices of the Supreme Court, writing, "The family of the terrorist received the final announcement: You won, you’ve won fat salaries for life, you’ve won in that your son is alive, you’ve won in that you will not be expelled from the country, you’ve won in that you will continue living in the house. You won.”

In a direct message to her murdered husband, she wrote "Elad, I tried. How I tried. I tried to convince people to take steps against terrorism. I tried to convince them to try other ways. I tried to convince them that the next attack must be prevented. I tried...hoping you are proud of me for the process, because the result is a certificate of poverty for the State of Israel."

In July 2017, terrorist Omar al-Abed broke into the Salomon family home in the town of Halamish (Neve Tzuf) in Samaria and stabbed three members of the family to death.

An off-duty soldier later shot and wounded al-Abed, who was captured and taken into custody.

While the IDF had initially planned to demolish the entire home where al-Abed lived, petitions brought by several left-wing NGOs on behalf of al-Abed’s family called on the Supreme Court to intervene and limit the demolition.

The court accepted the request, and barred the IDF from demolishing the entire building, arguing that al-Abed had primarily used the bottom floor, while his relatives lived on the top floor.