Author Topic: JTF This Week: G-d given free will? Jewish Home split; Israeli kids tortured  (Read 314 times)

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Please publicize this important video everywhere possible.

The program is 40 minutes this week.

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OK like since this is the millionth time I've heard that off Xtian missionaries, you, Rabbi Mizrachi, and everyone who thinks they're so brilliant, I'm going to say it finally. It's true that the creation attests to the creator, but how wonderful things work is the weakest point that only works on people that don't understand natural phenomenon much. The fact that the world stays perfect without people does, a tiger mauling and torturing a gazelle for a week was supposed to happen like that in that way and the world spins. It's true, something with a 1 out of a zillion chance of happening naturally makes it likely there is Hashem, but it's not proof, athiests can say, "guess it did". "Coincidence is Hashem's cloak of humility" (Jacob's ladder), so you're not going to prove it like that. The fact that matter needs time and vice versa to exist and that the whole thing must be relative to a greater thing proves Hashem.

The whole nature works thing isn't and should never be used as an argument why Hashem is real because it doesn't prove it and you are convincing people to be illogical like the Xtian missionaries who popularized the technique. It is the path after you know Hashem to understand how Hashem guides what he does. Yeah, in simple terms it's like your mom came and did the laundry and you come back and say "must be a case of cellular division after a random big bang and the evolution of my-stuff-washing creatures". If you never learned what the signs are of your mother washing something to look for, then the argument is just insulting to you, like an inside joke you're not in. We know what to look for so I see birds flying in a circle or the sky over them and how my day that day was going and I say "Hashem!", and they look confused and ask, "things?".

So instead of proving Hashem's existence, a place he and only he must fill (which it looks like you're doing when you already know because who controls the universe?) you're bringing an advanced point that brings up vastly more information than almost all people can handle and are saying "oh, if you knew all the nature stuff you'd see Hashem", so dumb people with weak personalities definitely fall to that because they feel like you're saying they're dumb if you don't agree and when you get a get like that in that way he is easily moldable into a fanatic for things he doesn't barely see. This is quite useful for a plethora of missionaries and not for Judaism, you're just going to get the people on your side to say yeah they're dumb and the people on the other to say the same, typical divide and conquer tool in the master manipulator's inventory.

You can even go emotional without manipulation to prove it, "who wrote those things on your heart that made you know every single situation in your life what was right and what was wrong to do?". Rabbi Mizrachi made a Torah and science video with proofs, and other than that flop point, he has a lot of other logical ones there, like how kosher laws prove knowledge of all creatures in a being. Like missionaries, that's who we need to copy? Since "quoting sources saves the whole world", those that first came out with it were Newton and Descartes, brilliant scientists, and this discovery of order in physics did correctly indicate to them that this order was ordered so. You can't wow people into starting to look for Hashem with it now because we have fire tornadoes and stars exploding on youtube. So like just gonna have to use logic, a hundred smug dweebs have come up with mostly pathetic arguments against it, so now the thing that wasn't doing much good in the first place except when it first came out is now just causing division and making people illogical.
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Great thoughts Chaim